CloakCoin v2.2.2.2 (2x4) wallet update


Dear Cloak Community,

A new wallet update has been released to ensure the network remains safe!

We're very pleased to announce the new CloakCoin Wallet (2x4)

CLOAK v2.2.2.2 (2x4)

This version fixes a possible vulnerability in the staking algorithm

We've come to realize there is a flaw in the algorithm that could enable a staker with a significantly large amount of coins ("whale") to create/stake a large number of blocks (possibly sequences) by not splitting or merging their coins - this is only possible by manually modifying the client & creating custom binaries (aka a malicious actor). This is a consensus rule change - it will be applied via super-majority functionality, the sooner everyone upgrades, the better. Blocks version 5 will have the new check enforced at 75% ISM(v5), blocks version 4 (current) will be rejected at 85% ISM(v5), counting the last 20160 blocks.

If you're running a v3 electron wallet, update your associated daemon with one from these binaries or compile one from the new code.

Other updates:

  • Windows daemon fix, force USE_LEVELDB, was not working properly before, especially enigma sends
  • Fix for banscore being applied with Enigma turned off and receiving Enigma messages/data, improves connectivity
  • Version bump, onion layers bump to 25 - should improve Enigma performance (less dependency & assumption of network topology)
  • New commands added to the daemon (type help in console)
  • Improved enigma send security & consistency with the QT code - please use the new sendenigma command to send your coins more securely via daemon/console
  • Added tolerance for Enigma network delays and people that don't know how to set up their clock properly :) (but seriously, SET/SYNCHRONIZE YOUR CLOCK!) Primarily a bug-fix release, Version 'rEVOLUTION' also brings the ENIGMA Engine Version 1.2 to CloakCoin users.

For additional help and support you can find us on Telegram or RocketChat!

Peace & Love

Team Cloak

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