CloakCoin Developer Report - March 2021

Alex Hong

Dear Cloak Community,

In this CloakCoin Developer Report, we want to inform you about the current status of our project and the development progress. With detailed updates, we strive to be fully transparent about the progress.

Detailed progress (Bitcoin Core v0.21.0 Codebase Upgrade):

  • Check prefix and update: c70bfc3

  • Change COIN&CENT values to match bitcoin, adjust coindayweight calculation: abbfc4d

  • Fix regtest working: 6a46c7e

  • Add proper genesis & merkle root hash for regtest: c90bda4

  • Remove warnings for compile: 77d59a7

  • Getcoinstake improve: 8809b9b

  • Refactor and update configuration: 59e4087

  • Code refactor and build run: 810ba16

  • Compile without errors: 20a1192

  • Update testnet port to match current client: 4649e50

  • Move GetCoinAge code to PoS.cpp: edb5abc

  • Fixes and refactoring: 128b020

  • Move GetCoinAge methods to pos.cpp to make them context insensitive: 5fd8d57

  • Remove obsolete KnapsackSolverStaking method: 198c6fb

  • Tidying: a7eecd8

  • Fix up CBlock::GetCoinAge: 8e5b78c

  • Consensus rule for MAX_BLOCK_SERIALIZED_SIZE has also been updated to match the existing Cloak codebase value: c30332f

  • GetCoinAge (CTransaction) progress: ec29122

  • Add GitCoinAge placeholders: 8dd78ed

  • Fix some FeeRate and CreateCoinStake issues: a7e0e0b

  • More staking changes: 432ef7c

  • More CreateCoinStake work and fixing up related test compiler issue: 5db243b

  • More CreateCoinStake work: f2c18c0

  • CreateCoinStake progress: 3483b88

  • CreateCoinStake progress: 724b1a2

  • Start fleshing out CreateCoinStake: 5c56822

  • More staking progress: e380ac9

  • Squash commit: 25cfe3a

  • Update some Cloak/BTC references: 71f5454

  • Add Cloak references: be75d75

  • Resolve secp256k1_ecdsa_verify issue with TX validation: 8806e08

  • More proof-of-stake code and minor refactoring: 58b2566

  • Fix GetStakeModifierChecksum and removed unwanted uint256 arith extensions: ad37d7a

  • Add crypto/hmac_sha512.h to src/ 937041a

  • Fix nProofOfWorkLimit and nProofOfStakeLimit consensus values for mainnet: 73daa61

  • Add more proof-of-stake code and re-add canHandlePoSHeaders logic: 90750ea

  • Fix some sync issues: 5aa90a6

  • Stake modifier work: 63bba49

  • Stake modifier work: c8e1daf

  • Add X13 crypto sources to makefile: c5c2338

  • Update chainparams: e762b6d

  • Update version.h: 1de3eec

  • Update block, transaction and uint256 (add uint512): 749652f

  • Add PoS placeholder and params. Update clientversion: 850f5c6

  • Update PoW check to ignore genesis block: 687bc08

  • Fix up fees and block extra connections when using connect: 1a00326

  • Update CBlockIndex for PoS. Fix coinbase maturity in consensus rules: 40b2167

  • Multi-line: b840689

  • Add Enigma annoucement message skeleton and Fix up PoW validation: 1a85d7c

Summary and Outlook

There aren't any technical barriers at the moment.

Anorak is also focused on the codebase and helping with compiling.

Your patience and support are something the Team very much appreciates.

We are moving CloakCoin forward and everything is going well.

We are glad to announce some amazing development steps in the near future and are very excited about where the future is taking us.

Stay along for the ride.

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