Coordinator Report — August 2019

Marketing Team

Dear Cloak Community,

The CloakCoin project made tremendous forward progress during the past couple of months!

The core team decided that our Dutch Coordinator — Iwidepiwi — is best suited to move into the role of PR & Marketing Lead. Please join us in celebrating his achievement. You can always reach out to Iwidepiwi on Twitter to offer your congratulations.

And while the Netherlands is a CloakCoin hotspot, our global team continues working towards allowing citizens of every country to pay with $CLOAK.

The near future has a lot in store for the CloakCoin community! But for now, let’s take a look at what our Coordinators have been up to lately.

Iwidepiwi — PR & Marketing Lead & Dutch Coordinator


One of my recent initiatives has been to add new vendors to the list of those accepting CloakCoin. And the strategy’s been working!

No less than 12 new merchants now accept our project’s native cryptocurrency.

Recent enrollments include these organizations:

Rest assured, more are coming soon!

Additional Initiatives

  • Promoted giveaways which gathered over 3 million views
  • Wrote and began implementing a new marketing strategy
  • Grew my social followers to gain a more significant reach
  • Worked together with multiple community members to increase brand awareness and get people involved

What to expect over the coming months

  • Internal structure improvements
  • Coordinating project adoption alongside exslave, who’s moving into the role of CloakCoin Business Manager

A single point of contact simplifies the onboarding of persons or companies interested in accepting CloakCoin as a payment option

  • Analyzing data to gauge the results of new marketing strategies
  • Creating a “feedback wall” offering the community to share thoughts and opinions within a central location

I’m excited about my new role and dedicated to doing my best to make CloakCoin an enduring success!

Peace and Love,

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iwidepiwi - PR & Marketing Lead & Dutch Coordinator

Asertin — Turkish Coordinator

Dear Cloak Family,

The last couple of months delivered some great news to help us dive deep into the Cloak project’s management needs. Therefore, some changes have been made to the team structure. I’m confident that Cloak’s new PR and Marketing Lead and Dutch Coordinator, Iwidepiwi, has the energy and talent to ‘Make Cloak Great Again!’ Congrats to him.

To increase GitHub activity, the team has already partnered with Chainsulting. And in Turkey, we partnered up with Decons — founded by Computer Science students at leading universities throughout the country.

Currently, they have 28 members. And starting in September, Decons intends to help us organize blockchain meetups and Cloak Academy events. The group also plans to contribute to the Cloak codebase. I’m happy to hear your suggestions on the hot topics we should cover within Cloak Academy.

We’re in discussions with Decons members to create a CloakCoin payment gateway. The aim is to create an easy-to-integrate tool for businesses willing to accept our native crypto. And at this point, we’re still in the research phase. Hopefully, in the next bi-monthly report, I will introduce the Cloak gateway as a finished product.

We shouldn’t forget that our project has its own currency and must continue to support mass adoption!

Lastly, we made headway with one of the Turkish crypto exchanges to open a CLOAK/TRY pair. After signing the official contract, the announcement is coming within the upcoming days. Stay tuned!

Peace and Love,

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Asertin - Turkish Coordinator

Shibob — Vietnamese Coordinator

Dear Cloak Community!

Over the past two months, we partook in several activities to promote CLOAK in Vietnam’s crypto community.

On June 19, we presented a CLOAK poster inside the OKEx Corporation Summit in Vietnam. We joined the event with some of our fellow CLOAK community members living in Ho Chi Minh City, where the summit took place.

Here’s my tweet about the OKEx event:

Currently, there are only a few promotional activities for CLOAK in Vietnam’s community. However, my personal goal is to help CloakCoin get listed on at least one more high-quality exchange. I recently visited Beijing and met several big blockchain companies — including OK Group and TRON — to understand more about China’s market.

After discussions with several KOLs (Key Opinion Leader), we came up with a potential strategy for CloakCoin: staking programs via crypto exchanges. I’ll announce more as details emerge!

Peace & Love,

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ShiBob89 - Vietnamese Coordinator

Igors — Russian Coordinator

Dear Cloak Community,

For the past 2–3 months, the structuring of our team underwent significant changes. You can check the latest development report here.

Also, after communication with CloakCoin coordinators, we decided to focus more on our marketing strategy. So, since the beginning of the summer and beyond, I’m working on the following:

  • UI for mobile wallet and DEX. Mockup of CloakCoin’s BYOB decentralized exchange is nearing completion
  • Communicating with exchanges to accept CloakCoin
  • Managing translation to various languages
  • Sent a marketing proposal to attract new users — currently under consideration by the core team. We’ll make a public announcement upon its acceptance; hopefully within the next coordinators’ report.

As always, I’m glad to hear your suggestions and ideas for improving and further developing the CloakCoin project.

Peace and Love,

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Igor Fridkin - Russian Coordinator

Joao (exslave) — Brazilian Portuguese Coordinator

Dear Cloak Community,

Most of my activities during this period were oriented in aligning the community around the project.

The recent series of exchange delistings and the consequent drop in volume cast a dimmer view over CloakCoin that could weaken confidence in the project. However, through close interaction with users and ecosystem partners — by explaining our plans in detail as well as highlighting Cloak’s unique features — we were able to reverse pessimism. And in effect, we can see the community starting to rally behind the project.

CloakCoin is now perceived as having good rebound potential, allowing CloakCoin Brazil and CloakCoin Portugal to expand the project reach according to the new marketing plan.

Also, Cloak was presented in the Epa Channel / Canal Voepa YouTube channel. Here’s where you can find the video:

Our momentum originates from content translations, wiki updates, managing CloakCoin’s Portuguese social media channels, writing blog articles, and lots of social networking with crypto enthusiasts.

Stay safe,

Peace and Love,

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Exslave - Portugese Language Coordinator

Facebook - CloakCoin Brasil

CloakCoin é uma das primeiras moedas focada em privacidade e anônimato, ela vem funcionando desde 2014 bem no começo das moedas anônimas. Desde o início a CLOAK procura através do seu software...

Ryomin — Italian Coordinator

Hello everyone!

In addition to continued work on translations, I’ve been focusing on two specific strategies to spread the love for CloakCoin:

  • Coordinating interviews for various media outlets
  • Creating videos that educate the public about the crypto industry’s main points while at the same time introducing Cloak

As I continue to facilitate interviews and inform the masses about what makes CloakCoin so special, I’m making great strides within the Italian crypto community!

Peace and Love,

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Ryomin - Italian Coordinator

Summing Up

Despite recent setbacks, CloakCoin is stronger than ever. In addition to laying the groundwork for a genuine DEX, we’re redefining our marketing strategy.

And, as we hit further milestones and our international community expands, we’re gaining traction as the world’s foremost privacy coin.

Remember, we’re still running a contest in which you can win 10,000 $CLOAK. Now, although the competition’s been ongoing for more than three months, nobody has come close to cracking our code.

Until next time, our beloved community, don’t forget to Pay With Cloak, Not Your Privacy!

Peace & Love

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