CloakCoin partners with leading blockchain developers Chainsulting


Dear CLOAK Community,

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Chainsulting, Germany’s leading experts on blockchain and digital assets. Their team of specialised developers bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to further strengthen the Cloak development team’s abilities.

Cloak’s devs will be joined by some of the industry’s best blockchain developers. Our existing team is thrilled to be sharing the workload toward reaching important milestones laid out in our roadmap and undertaking exciting new project developments.

Beginning with the delivery of our major codebase upgrade, the combined talents of Cloak and Chainsulting developers are sure to advance the project to new heights. We’re excited to have the resources required to deliver cutting edge tech and a healthy Github complete with detailed documentation and clean, high quality code.

The partnership plays a very important role in our broader strategy as an open source project and will provide the community with more frequent updates, greater transparency and more accurate estimations on new releases.

We look forward to commencing initial works together, you may have already noticed some changes within our repositories. These are intended to help streamline integration with our new developer resources. It is a very exciting time to welcome such capable new minds to our project who are well aligned with our vision for protecting the privacy of individuals.

Stay tuned for further exciting announcements and lots of new activity on our Github. CloakCoin’s future looks brighter than ever and our commitment to the community grows stronger each day.

Peace & Love

Team Cloak

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