Iwidepiwi's Monthly Update: March 2019


Hi everybody,

Another productive month has passed with nice results across the board. I love the passion of the team to keep pushing things forward. Hopefully this will reflect in the price soon.

I want to give a huge compliment to Ehrich, I personally love your dedication and your tweets. Make sure to give him a follow:

He deserves it. Great to have you on board.

Companies starting accepting $CLOAK in March:

I wrote a new pitch to contact privacy projects outside the world of crypto, this is a more challenging task.

Hopefully I can show some results in my next report.

This tweet got 76k views!

Future plans:

  1. Negotiate partnerships with (Dutch) representatives from other projects.
  2. Sign up 1 vendor every quarter in the Netherlands that doesn’t accept crypto. Paying them a visit and helping them personally to accept Cloak and put the “Pay with Cloak Sticker” on their shop/ restaurant window. ( in negotiation)
  3. Organize an informational evening for business owners informing them about the power of Cloak for their business and show them the different ways to accept.
  4. Organize the official Cloak meet up in Amsterdam.

This sums it up for now, all the best to everyone!

Greetings from the Netherlands - Groeten uit Nederland

Join the Dutch Cloak Community on Telegram:

iwidepiwi- Dutch Coordinator


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