CLOAK Roadmap


With every step forward it is worth to take a look back! We are very proud to present an allover Roadmap started from the beginning. Cloak is a self funded project since 2014 and had no pre-mine or an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) phase. We would like to release our revised Roadmap containing big steps to the future. The Cloak Roadmap will be regularly updated.

New steps can be added anytime to the roadmap due to technical improvements

Q1-Q4 2023


Building iOS Mobile Wallet

Electrum Cloak Wallet (Web Wallet)

Raspberry Pi Development

Android Wallet Development

Security Audit #2 of ENIGMA

HD Wallet implementation (waiting for Bitcoin Codebase)

Hardware Wallet integration

Improving Proof of Stake Algorithm


Increase PR + Marketing activities

Extend Languages

Visiting Crypto Exhibitions/Conferences

Building Strategic Partnerships

Searching for Advisors

Organize & Sponsor Cloak Meetups around the World

Adding CloakCoin on new Exchanges/Platforms

Promotional Community Campaigns

Promotional Giveaways

Integration on Custom Applications

Searching Vendors to accept CLOAK as payment method


Expanding Team and recruiting additional Developers

Expanding Team and recruiting additional Coordinators

Community Building

Q1 2022