Project Manager

lasvegas83 has years of experience managing projects in different areas. Inspired by the potential impact of blockchain technologies in the financial world, he got involved in the Cloak Project in 2014. He was active as the right hand of the Project Manager and rebuilt the Cloak Project with a lot of ambition. His main tasks were to be responsible for the graphic/animation designs and managing the website. After years he is very proud to be the new Project Manager of Cloak. He is responsible for planning, managing, coordinating/executing tasks for the Cloak Project.

What is your Vision for CloakCoin?

In a world in which privacy has become a very important factor, everyone should have the freedom to protect their data. Through our technological progress, CloakCoin offers a unique technology that enables us to protect the privacy of today and tomorrow!

What makes CloakCoin unique for you?

CloakCoin is unique because Cloak offers a fast PoS system, with a legendary interest rate and a high-quality transaction system with off-chain peer-to-peer coin mixing arrangement that even a NASDAQ listed cybersecurity company has been audited.

Why is CloakCoin the best Privacy Coin?

Through years of development and countless internal tests, I see CloakCoin as a highly developed digital currency! One can never be the best, but we always try to get better and better!

What means CloakCoin to you?

True global transaction freedom

Other team members

Alex Hong

Full Stack Engineer


PR Marketing Lead & Dutch Coordinator