Iwidepiwi's Monthly Update: November 2018


Hi everybody,

personally this was a great month for me, although the market went really down. Good things often don’t come easy. Keep your emotions in check and lets ride this wave together.

A lot of interesting people started accepting Cloak as a payment option this month - and what makes me especially proud is the diversity of those businesses and artists I got to know, appreciating the influence they have over their supporters and clients.

A sincere thank you for all of those accepting Cloak now - you guys are amazing! You help us to get more attention to the project and are really valuable. If you are a business owner or an influencer, feel free to contact us.

Completed tasks:

CloakCoin adoption in November:

Future plans:

  • Contacting influencers and speakers and invite them to our first official Dutch meet up.
  • Contacting sponsors, and search for a good location in the beautiful Dutch capital Amsterdam.
  • Contacting companies for Cloak acceptance and widen the list.
  • Completing the Cloak presentation, that can be held on conferences etc.
  • Cloak core team members Lasvegas83, Sidi25, Ares89 and our global spokes person and Australian coordinator Joshua will attend the first official Dutch Cloak meet up in Amsterdam.

    I wish everybody a nice ending of 2018, enjoy it with your loved ones. I see you all in 2019! Join the Dutch Cloak community on Telegram or follow me on Twitter

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