Iwidepiwi's Monthly Update: October 2018


Hey everyone,

After the first month it’s really beautiful to see, how dedicated the team to the Cloak project is and what a great community we have!

Completed tasks:

  • Translation of the “What is Cloak”- sheet and sending it out to various companies.

  • Three new companies accept Cloak now: Wardona, Bunker501, Cryptoplanet. Great to have you guys on board!

  • Contacting Doopiecash, who then did a review on YouTube.

  • Bitcoinsaltcoins.nl made an independent review of Cloak, we scored 4,2 out of 5 stars.

  • Coinspot.nl made a Cloak project page.

  • The commentator of the German football club Mainz05 made a picture with a Cloak mug during the match against Bayern München, and shared it on his social media.

  • Communication with various influencers.

  • Creating a list of companies to approach for Cloak acceptance.

Future plans:

  • Contacting companies for Cloak acceptance and widen the list.
  • Completing the Cloak presentation, that can be held on conferences etc.
  • Contacting influencers.
  • Brainstorming to organize a Cloak meet up in Amsterdam (searching for sponsors, speakers, location etc.)
  • Searching cool ideas to make the Dutch Cloak community grow.
  • Researching methods to create awareness of Cloak in the Netherlands

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Greetings from the Netherlands


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