Project Manager

lasvegas83 has over 14 years of experience managing projects in different areas. Inspired by the potential impact of blockchain technologies in the financial world, he got involved in the Cloak Project in 2014. He was active as the right hand of the … Read more

Community Manager / Technical Support

Yogibaer has more than 18 years of experience in different IT fields and IT Support, and 10 years of experience in stock market analysis, trading and investing. With his financial backgrounds he came across bitcoin and blockchain technologies in mid … Read more

Tech Lead / C++ Dev

Anorak joined the team in October 2017, initially jumping on-board to help with the Cloak website, given his extensive experience in front-end development, JavaScript and building Web apps. Noticing the big gap left in core dev after previous team ab… Read more

Wallet / C++ Dev

Deepend is a gifted polymath engineer with over two decades of experience in software engineering, architecture and engineering management in the biotech industry. With a bachelor's Degree in mechanical engineering and a master's Degree in computer s… Read more

Business Development

Ares89 has several years of experience in the project management area at international groups. During his financial management studies, he discovered the power and potential of the blockchain technology with regard to the financial and other business… Read more

PR Marketing Lead & Dutch Coordinator

Iwidepiwi has a decade of experience in the financial sector and received several rewards for his sales skills, among others the honor of being the best salesman of the Netherlands. He is also a life coach and believes in a healthy balance between wo… Read more

Business Manager & Brazilian Portuguese Coordinator

Exslave's professional background comes from industrial field-service engineering. He has been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2013 and with Cloakcoin since 2014. Exslave is deeply skeptic about any form of authority, and believes that to retain… Read more

Turkish Coordinator

Asertin has a BS in Economics and masters in Data Analysis for Marketing and Financial. He has both working, studying and living experience in different countries such as USA, Canada and China and likes to travel abroad. Has more than 5 years of ex… Read more

Russian Coordinator

Igors has a master's degree in financial economy and project management. He has big experience in public relationships as he worked in Riga City Council Development Department. When he got into crypto, he immediately understood that the privacy and d… Read more

PR & Marketing

Ehrich is an experienced computer scientist and believes that Crypto can solely develop through self funded projects which will on the long run always outplay speculative ICO-Projects. He is convinced of Cloaks outstanding technology, protecting with… Read more
Shi Bob

Vietnamese Coordinator

Shi Bob is into crypto and blockchain investments since 2015, building and engaging crypto communities across APAC region since 2017. Driving blockchain education intiatives, Vietnam crypto influencer. He is also a professional translator who have be… Read more

Supporter & Cloak Enthusiast

Aknutty has been invested in bitcoin since 2011 and been interested in CloakCoin since 2014. He has a strong belief that not only is Privacy not dead but is now more valuable than ever. Through advocacy and collaboration he hopes to bring CloakCoin a… Read more

Graphic Designer & Merchandise

Juan became interested in blockchain technology when he read about Bitcoin in Wired Magazine in 2011. Juan discovered CloakCoin when he was looking for the most private coin on the market. Since joining the team he has helped with branding, marketing… Read more

Marketing & Investigator

disco987 has been involved in blockchain technology since early 2014 and has an extensive IT background. He is supporting the Cloak Project since the beginning and administrate the Telegram group. Read more

Android Developer

vuksa2103 is a Java developer and tester over 7 years. He has a master degree in Telecommunications Engineering and joined the Cloak team 2015. He is responsible for the Cloak Android Wallet development. Read more

Supporter & Cloak Enthusiast

lab_rat_hoax is a Cloak Supporter & Enthusiast since 2014 and wishes a world with freedom, prosperity and privacy advocate. Read more

African Ambassador

Aristide is our African ambassador and spreads informationen about CloakCoin across the continent. Aristide supports also our marketing team with his creativity and translates content in French and Portuguese. Read more
Gerna 벱쟂댜

Korean Ambassador

Gerna 벱쟂댜 is our Korean ambassador and spreads informationen about CloakCoin in South Korea. Gerna 벱쟂댜 supports also our marketing team and translates content in Korean. Read more

Indonesian Ambassador

Putu is our Indonesian ambassador and spreads informationen about CloakCoin in Indonesia. Putu supports also our marketing team and translates content in Indonesian (Bahasa). Read more

Indian Ambassador

CryptoC0n is our Indian ambassador and spreads informationen about CloakCoin in the India market. CryptoC0n supports also our marketing team with his creativty and translate content in Hindi. Read more


Sidi25 has two years of experience in online marketing, communication and press release. During his studies he came across bitcoin and blockchain technologies. Fascinated by the whole concept, he wrote his thesis about the impact of cryptocurrencies … Read more


Boo_ian has made his studies in industrial engineering and keeps himself busy with social media content for over 10 years now. He get in touch with the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency business in 2014. Boo_ian leads the PR & social media… Read more


Jon, aka "BlockchainAuthor," has over a decade of storytelling experience. His fascination for decentralized economies drew him into the world of blockchain and crypto, while his devotion to privacy enticed him to collaborate with the CloakCoin proje… Read more