Tech Lead / C++ Dev

Anorak joined the team in October 2017, initially jumping on-board to help with the Cloak website, given his extensive experience in front-end development, JavaScript and building Web apps. Noticing the big gap left in core dev after previous team abandoned the project, he switched focus onto the wallet code/cloakcoin core. First tasks completed were creating stable development environments, creating new repositories & handling deployments. Splitting tasks with Deepend, they managed to shape CloakCoin into what it is today - a working proof-of-stake private & anonymous coin, based on an open ledger maxima. Working with Cognosec on improving the concepts, algorithms, eliminating potential weaknesses and issues identified, CloakCoin was additionally hardened to prevent leaking data about user identity.

His educational background is in Electrical Engineering, graduated in Wireless Communication, Multimedia & Professional Electronics with a Master's thesis on AR/VR environments and computer vision software support. This engineer turned Web developer brings multiple years of experience with user-facing software product development, now intrigued by blockchain tech and expanding his knowledge, while paving the road ahead for a better CloakCoin.

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