Iwidepiwi's Monthly Update: December 2018


Hi everybody,

I hope that everyone enjoyed Christmas and New Year with your loved ones, and that you could recharge your batteries for 2019.

I spend Christmas and New Year with friends and family, it was really nice, I made a nice pic together with good friend and commentator of the German Mainz05 football club.

We got more then 60k views on Twitter, so thanks Tim you’re a hell of a influencer.

Cloak got integrated on MCC MyCryptoCheckout a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency payment gateway. This is great for adoption and could be potentially huge for Cloak Enigma transactions (more about it, later this year)

Companies starting accepting Cloak in December:

  • https://cryptobantam.com

  • https://www.stanragets.com

  • https://www.fudmartng.com

  • http://www.coinhost.io

  • https://foluxsolutions.com

  • https://sheldon.store

  • https://www.secpoint.com

  • http://airstreamjets.com


  • https://wikileaks.shop

    A big thanks to you all!

    Future plans January and 2019:

  • Contact vendors across the globe to accept Cloak. Not only vendors that are crypto friendly, also the more challenging ones. Sign up 4/5 vendors a month.

  • Research the Cloak adoption density in specific countries. In countries with high density, looking for big companies that accept Cloak – in countries with low density, researching how to increase adoption.

  • Getting accepted as a donation option by major charity organizations, 2 this year.

  • Explore Cloaks potential in the field of medicine with surgeon and good friend Sanj Silva from London/UK and our core team.

  • Research Cloaks potential outside the world of cryptocurrency.

  • Attending the Dutch Blockchain Expo in Amsterdam to create awareness and connect with possible partners.

  • Visiting as many Blockchain Conferences as possible to let the Dutch community grow.

  • Negotiate partnerships with (Dutch) representatives from other projects.

  • Sign up 1 vendor every quarter in the Netherlands that doesn’t accept crypto. Paying them a visit and helping them personally to accept Cloak and put the “Pay with Cloak Sticker” on their shop/ restaurant window.

  • Organize the official Cloak meet up in Amsterdam.

  • Organize an informational evening for business owners informing them about the power of Cloak for their business and show them the different ways to accept.

    Last of all looking forward to work with our amazing team, to enjoy each other’s company, have fun together, share insights and give our best to make this a awesome year!

    Greetings from the Netherlands

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    Greetings from the Netherlands


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