Coordinator Report — January 2020

Marketing Team

Dear Cloak Community,

Happy new year, everyone!

With 2019 behind us and 2020 just kicking off, the Cloak team is excited about what the future holds. Although the privacy-coin landscape remains challenging, we continue to fight for the universal right to privacy.

Those who try to push us down only make us stronger. And, we’re ready and willing to make 2020 a breakout year for our project. So, let’s get you all caught up with our development over the past couple of months.

We’ll begin with some important words from our head of public relations!

Iwidepiwi (Ivan) — PR & Marketing Lead & Dutch Coordinator


The power of Cloak is not only defined by its working product — which is a must-have in this age of surveillance capitalism. Neither is it solely defined by a dedicated team investing its own funds to move a promising project forward.

You are Cloak — the community that believes in us and helps us in any possible way. We appreciate that more than words can express. You give Cloak strength! Thank you!

2019 wasn’t an easy year for us. A few things happened that didn’t make us happy, which might have held us down. Because we firmly believe in our project, however, these events had the opposite effect.

Instead of getting discouraged by negative forces seeking to damage our project, we strengthened our resolve to show the world the benefits of CloakCoin.

Throughout the past year, we shared some fantastic news with you, keeping you updated via our Dev, Marketing, and Coordinator reports.

Today, we’re going to look back at the past two months while providing a sneak peek of what’s to come. Ready to hear about it? Let’s dive in.


We released the beta version of the long-awaited new wallet. What a beauty it is! Cloak listened to the feedback of the community, incorporated new features, and improved the overall design and functions.

CloakCoin v3.0.1-beta ‘rEVOLUTION’ stormfix wallet is now available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

CloakCoin Mobile Android Wallet v1.9.1

We updated and made improvements to our Android mobile wallet. It’s easy to install and use, and works flawlessly.

Project Reinforcements

As you may have read in the last dev report, Anorak is back full force. We’re genuinely excited about that!

We keep improving our tech to expand CloakCoin’s use cases. We aim for perfection in everything we do and strive to deliver outstanding products. With dedication and hard work, we can accomplish amazing things.

Use Cases

We’re always looking for ways to expand this category. Thanks to our Turkish Coordinator — Asertin — and our partner, who prefers to remain unknown, we launched CloakFX.

CloakFX is a Forex Trading platform that enables everyone to trade privately and securely with low entry possibilities. In a nutshell, the platform combines the world of crypto with the world of Forex trading.

The successful launch, combined with the Felixo airdrop, garnered lots of attention. CloakFX already has over 1,000 users, and our Telegram group grew extensively.

We’re happy with the result so far and expect great things from CloakFX in the future. Please help us spread the word!

Furthermore, we’re in current negotiations with several projects and exchanges about potential partnerships and listings. This, of course, requires time. But we’ll certainly keep you updated.


We continue spreading Cloak’s vision in any possible way. Marketing is a vital aspect of any project. That’s why we do our best to let people know we’re here and staying a step ahead of our competition. Thanks to our new strategy, we have a clear vision of how to achieve our marketing goals.

The content we share — including giveaways — increases our follower base and attracts new users to our project. Even though some may only want to win a prize, after diving deeper into Cloak, they recognize our project as a gem. This way, step by step, we’re gaining more members to help us spread the word.

It’s great to see that community members are getting more active on social media and offering great ideas in our Telegram groups. Thanks again to everyone helping to push Cloak forward!

A special thanks also to Crypto_Fez for his video about CloakCoin. It’s always good to see how people from outside the project perceive us. We appreciate critical feedback, as it helps us to improve.

As stated in the last marketing report, we’re working on an easier way for anyone to provide feedback. We don’t want those great ideas getting lost in space!

And, it’s currently impossible for us to keep up with all the entries that reach us via all channels. It’s time to organize your valuable input. Our feedback wall will be ready in the months ahead.

Cloak Ambassador Program

Tired of sitting on the sidelines? Do you want to take part in our great project?

Here’s your chance! Our Ambassador program will start very soon.

Become an official Cloak Ambassador. And get rewarded in $CLOAK!

We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and spent quality time with loved ones. After recharging your battery, you can kick ass in 2020!

We will do the same.

2020 is going to be a fortunate year for all of us!

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iwidepiwi - PR & Marketing Lead & Dutch Coordinator

Exslave (Joao) — Business Manager & Brazilian Portuguese Coordinator

Moin, Cloakers!

We feel ready to embrace 2020 with renewed energy — the commitment to the project is ever increasing.

Adoption is one of our priorities, and we continue to reach out to businesses all over the world. Between each released report, the number of companies and organizations that accept CloakCoin continues to rise. Behind the scenes, we stay busy with growing the use cases for our coin.

I invite you to check out our vendor’s page. There you can find interesting shops and websites with all sorts of products and offers. By using and paying with CloakCoin, we’re building upon collective efforts.

For 2020, we plan to focus on strategic partnerships that can bring higher visibility while continuing to pursue every cross-marketing opportunity.

The path is full of failures and disappointments, but staying on the trail is the only way to succeed.

Recent vendor enrollments include these organizations:

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Exslave - Portugese Language Coordinator

Facebook - CloakCoin Brasil

CloakCoin é uma das primeiras moedas focada em privacidade e anônimato, ela vem funcionando desde 2014 bem no começo das moedas anônimas. Desde o início a CLOAK procura através do seu software...

Asertin — Turkish Coordinator

Dear Cloak Family,

A new decade has begun! Hopefully, it will be one in which people care more about their privacy and become interested in products offering the ability to keep personal info private.

This decade is an excellent opportunity for the Cloak team to create awareness and educate people on the importance of privacy payments. While you may think you have “nothing to hide,” privacy isn’t about hiding a bad attitude, it’s about protecting yourself from becoming a product.

Where you spend your hard-earned money reveals pretty much everything about you — more than you can imagine. Loyalty cards, debit cards, credit cards, everything is about finding patterns in your spending habits.

I have too many things to say about 2019’s crypto life, but we all lived through it together. Everyone is trying to maintain our existence even though we sometimes face situations we never expected.

The first goal of this year is finishing Cloak’s full privacy payment gateway — where merchants can quickly adopt CloakCoin as a means of payment.

I wish you all a good year!

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Asertin - Turkish Coordinator

Shibob — Vietnamese Coordinator

Dear Cloak Community!

Over the last two months, I had lots of coffee meetups with different crypto communities to discuss the current crypto market. I introduced many of them to Cloak, and the great news is that some of the community leaders would love to do AMA interviews with CloakCoin.

We also figured out that, at the moment, most people in crypto Vietnam only care about bitcoin and derivatives trading — including bitcoin and altcoins on margin, futures, and perpetual swap. Everything’s available on these exchanges: OKEx, Bitmex, Bitfinex, Huobi DM, and Binance futures.

I made agreements with the heads of BlockchainCrews, Stone Trading, and CoinerVN to do promotions like AMAs, as well as offline activities for sharing our trading experiences.

I also landed an agreement with Bcnex exchange to get CloakCoin listed. However, there are further discussions to have with the Cloak team — we want to ensure proper timing.

The Lunar New Year holiday season is arriving here soon. And hopefully, our community will return from the long break stronger than ever before.

Happy New Year!

Peace & Love,

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ShiBob89 - Vietnamese Coordinator

Igors — Russian Coordinator

Dear Cloak Community,

First of all, I want to congratulate you on the upcoming new year and wish our collective dreams and desires to come true in 2020!

I also welcome you to read my updates. As mentioned in my previous issue, I’m focused on concrete goals. Here’s some progress regarding those points:

UX and UI of BYOB DEX. Here’s where you can check out a sneak peek:


Here are a few more of my highlights:

  • I was actively communicating with many exchanges regarding possible CloakCoin listing (preferably for free). Communication still is ongoing, but unfortunately, most of the exchanges request a large amount of money, and currently, we can’t afford that. But I’m looking forward to continuing my work on that front.

  • All this year, I provided various translations with the help of my professional translation team. I want to thank all my colleagues and am looking forward to continuing our longterm collaboration towards CloakCoin’s mass adoption.

  • I continue my work towards CloakCoin’s development. I’m currently collecting all ideas from our big Cloak community to find the most exciting ideas and fold them into my work. Thank you, Cloak community, for your activity and support!

I’m always glad to hear your suggestions and ideas for improving and further developing the CloakCoin project.

Peace and Love

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Igor Fridkin - Russian Coordinator

Summing Up

2020 is already full of wonder and excitement. The possibilities are endless, and we can all feel a big shake-up coming to the blockchain and crypto industries at large.

Will it be a new bull run triggered by the bitcoin halving? Will we see huge progress in regulatory clarity? Will the real Satoshi Nakamoto finally reveal himself? Time will tell.

But no matter what comes our way, these categories remain Cloak’s focus:

  • Exchange listings
  • Coordination of development activities
  • Partnerships and cooperation with other blockchain projects

The prize for our ENIGMA challenge — in which we invite hackers to hack our network — remains unclaimed. We wish we could say the same for other privacy coins in the space, but we’ve successfully thwarted every network intruder. Come, try to hack us, and don’t forget to bring your friends!

Until next time, our beloved community, don’t forget to Pay With $CLOAK, Not Your Privacy!

The Cloak project is striving towards a world in which everyone has complete control over their personal finances via quick, secure, and private transactions. And we’re certainly headed in that direction.

Until next time, our beloved community, don’t forget to Pay With Cloak, Not Your Privacy!

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