Asertin's Monthly Update: February 2019


Dear Cloak Community,

I am happy to submit to you my February report. February was a month that Cloak family faced the unpleasant news of Binance delisting CloakCoin. As it was shocking news to our team, it also was shocking for our community and investors in Turkey. What is done cannot be undone, but we shall move forward and stay focused on what we are doing.

As you may know, CloakCoin's main focus in 2019 is education, and as a Turkish coordinator, I am happy to mention that I got the chance to contact several university blockchain clubs to engage with young talents, share Cloak's vision and not only speak to them but also listen to their thoughts about potential ideas on CloakCoin project.

I am trying to create university clubs union where undergraduates connect to each other about blockchain. So far five university blockchain clubs have agreed to join this union: Ege University, University of Turkish Aeronautical Association, Istanbul Technical University, Kocaeli University, and Girne American University. In upcoming months; I have a goal to organize educational meetings in these universities as the Cloak Turkish Coordinator. In my opinion, this is one of the key points to the mass adoption of blockchain technology in general and CloakCoin specifically.

Not only I have plans to organize meetings in various universities, but also as I did in February, I will keep talking about how distributed ledger technology works, Proof of Stake, and Privacy in Cloak Blockchain Academy in Istanbul.

As you may know there is an event organized by Altcointurk in Cloak Blockchain Academy each Friday where Turkish crypto community gets together and talk about the technology and share their experiences in this industry at CryptoFriday.

As I mentioned previously, this month was an extraordinary month, not only in terms of the number of days but also about the news we got, so mainly this month I met, took care of and answered the questions of Cloak's investors in Turkey both online and offline which made February 2019 the busiest month. So far, I can say, despite the news, I can proudly mention that our investors are also our supporters, still believing in CloakCoin's tech and privacy attributes and the team behind it.

Next month I will be focusing on more mass adoption, where the number of Cloak's merchandisers rise in Turkey and education.

Thank you for reading my February report,

Peace & Love

Asertin- Turkish Coordinator

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