Ryomin's Monthly Update: January 2019


Hello everybody,

The start of this year indeed looked interesting for a lot of good and strange reasons. This month I continued where I left off in the last one. I continued my reasearch based on companies that could hypothetically accept Cloak with a special focus on the charity ecosystem. I'm in friendly communications with some of the organizations inside. I continued my translation work and my communication with various people inside the local and international space to bring some collaborations to a close.

This month I'll have some extra time to dedicate to Cloak and finally start working on some bigger projects, and I'm also curious to try out some new approaches.

  • Continued my tasks as translator of content.
  • Thinking to set up an hypothetical meeting in Milan in March 2019
  • Communication with various businesses for Cloak's acceptance as a payment method. I made some research through the web for interesting business that prioritizes privacy for payment. I contacted more than 35 shops and I'm establishing contact with them.
  • Communication with various influencers, groups and specialized local and international pages. I'm also establishing collaborations with people from crypto teams to work together for meetup and to spread the word about crypto.
  • Established contacts with Italian online magazines

    Future plans:

  • Create a collaboration team or "Alliance" with other italian crypto team communities and media to spread the cryptocurrency technology in Italy and work on adoption together.
  • Conference ideas for 2019. Attending & planning.
  • With research comes opportunities! Continuing my research of more and more businesses to contact for Cloak adoption. I'm currently working on charities.
  • Start to involve the community more by asking them where they would like to find CloakCoin as a payment method and various feedback

    Thank you for your attention,

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    The Italian Coordinator Ryomin

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