Ryomins's Monthly Update: November 2018


Hello everybody,

Even this month has come to an end, this time taking the whole year with it. This December may seem very distant compared to the previous one in the eyes of a crypto enthusiast, 2018 in fact it was not a big positive year, but we can’t say that it was not exciting. December somehow portrays the fears and capital losses of this year, but the Cloak Team continues on its own way.

This month I focused on making lists of possible partners, gathering information for a possible Cloak conference and trying to find a path to improve our project locally and internationally:

  • Continue my research for information and partners to organize a conference with Cloak as a guest. Trying to organize something special in Milan with Joshua, our Australian coordinator, as a speaker. Things are getting clear now!
  • I have compiled a list with more than 30 possible Cloak partners and I started contacting them one by one. On this list I put some special focus on businesses whose customers are requiring more privacy than others.
  • Communication with various influencers, groups and specialized local and international pages for hypothetical interviews and appearances of the Cloak project.

    Future Plans:
  • New market research to broaden the horizons of Cloak in various fields and for various uses.
  • Continue my research on all the possible businesses interested in a partnership with Cloak.
  • Continue the process of creating a crypto conference with Cloak as a guest/have Cloak as a guest in an important crypto conference/meeting.

    Join the Cloak Italian Community on Telegram: https://t.me/cloakprojectITA


    The Italian Coordinator Ryomin

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