Coordinator Report CloakCoin - May 2019

Marketing Team

This year has brought some hard lessons learned, unjust treatment and radical new ideas. But more than anything it’s made us realise that we’re not in this alone. We fight for privacy against the surveillance capitalists, side by side, with the support of some incredible minds.

Most notably, our community.

A couple of weeks back, we had a new kind of coordinator meeting. One where we really took a moment to express how we’ve been feeling, what we see coming in the future and really pulling ourselves apart to see where we can improve.

An outcome of this exercise was revising the format of our coordinator reports. We went ahead and built a new ‘online workspace’ for our distributed team. We’ve been looking into refining more of our content to suit what you all want to see from us.

So here it is folks, your first ever monthly roundup from the all the coordinators in one convenient report.

Joshua — Australian Coordinator

G’day mates!

To really sum things up, I’ve been busy, extremely busy. For almost 18 months I’ve been working on an idea in stealth and I’ve been absolutely itching to tell the Cloak community all about it.

Pip Wallet

Some of you may have already seen the announcement. CloakCoin is coming to iOS thanks to new Pip Wallet and Windscribe partnership.

To learn more and take advantage of this announcement offer, head over to the official announcement on Telegraph. We plan to launch the apps early Q4 of this year and have plenty more exciting announcements about Pip in the pipeline.


You may have noticed a mysterious proposal on the CloakCoin Github . Turns out the anonymous author is onto something. I’ve had numerous discussions with Yannik Heinze from Chainsulting who is helping bring Pip to life.

The proposal is entirely feasible and would indeed be a really interesting build. Seems this “Lazaruski” individual has pretty serious intentions, appearing to have secured the domain CloakX .io anonymously… Unless it was someone else?

I personally, would go to great lengths to see Cloak X become a reality.

Around The Cloak format

After 7 months of trials and tribulations, I’m glad to say I’ve finally settled on a format for the Around The Cloak videos that is both efficient and engaging.

[plugin: youtube] (

I’ve received some great feedback from the community saying they’re liking this type of video. But please let me know if you’d like to see me taking the Around The Cloak series in a different direction.

EDCON Sydney

I was very fortunate to receive a free ticket to the Ethereum developer conference. Perfect timing after reading the CloakX proposal…

Lark’s got his MOON shirt on ladies and gents!

While I was there, I met the one and only Crypto Lark. He’d flown over from New Zealand and like me, had a few beers and enjoyed the company of the Aussie crypto crowd.

Young Louie knows what’s up.

Lark partnered up with Alex and the Nugget’s News team to put on a meetup after EDCON, so I went along and it was great catching up with the boys from Tasmania. Even gave Alex who recently became a Dad, a little something special for his first child, Louie.

Keep an eye on Pip Wallet

A big part of my focus moving forward is Pip, and what together with CloakCoin we can do. We’re in a great position to really make some waves, so join our Telegram group so you can stay up to date!

Cheers from down under,


Asertin — Turkish Coordinator

Dear Cloak Family,

April 2019 was a month that I focused on blockchain education and meetups in Turkey. So Cloak Blockchain Academy Twitter account is created.

You can reach the Cloak content from this link. Moreover, I have published three different articles about Cloak Coin in the Turkish language.

  1. Overview to CloakCoin and its Enigma.
  2. CloakCoin and Enigma Tech.
  3. News about CLOAK new MacOS Wallet.

Like every month, I got a chance to get together with the community at Cloak Blockchain Academy, this unique event takes place at our base each Friday which is organized by altcointurk: CryptoFriday.

Peace & Love


Igors — Russian Coordinator

Dear Cloak community,

According to my comparison table between top privacy coins and some others projects (results can be found in my previous report) that was made in March, I decided to work on following tasks that will effectively help to develop CloakCoin (work will continue all this year):

  • Use cases. Continue analyzing privacy market to find the best direction for CloakCoin as anonymous cryptocurrency.
  • Wallet user interface. Continue my work on mobile wallets UI implementation using other wallets and personal experiences.
  • Awareness raising. Created an idea how to attract new users to cryptomarket (idea will be realized in mid-May and published across all CloakCoin social medias).

Other everyday works:

Translations, communication with community and exchanges, social media activities.

I will be glad to hear your suggestions and ideas for improving and further developing the CloakCoin project.

Peace and Love


Iwidepiwi — Dutch Coordinator

Hey everyone,

Another month has passed, everyone is working hard to give Cloak the recognition it deserves.

We do it all with passion for the project to create awareness on how important privacy is. Privacy is something to cherish. It is ours. We shouldn’t get exploited by big companies using our data for profits. Or by governments controlling us, stripping us of our Self-ownership . We need to be aware and try to fight these mechanisms not with force, but with kindness and intellect.

The crypto industry is a social movement, yes the game is nice: you win some you lose some. But ultimately we offer people across world the means to take control of their financial independence. Crypto knows no borders, doesn’t discriminate, crypto gives freedom to all.

Companies starting to accept Cloak in April

  1. PureVPN
  2. IVACY
  3. BTC Adult Store
  4. HostYD
  5. Sativa Exchange
  6. The Circular Calendar

In April we started a partnership with, an anonymous VPN to further secure your privacy. is also the 100th vendor we added to our vendor’s list.

Check out our vendors list and see where you can Pay with $Cloak not your privacy!

Shopping with CloakCoin in the Netherlands. 4 CITIES across the country. This was really fun to do. A big thanks to Luka for making the amazing pics!**

And congratulations DiepieBUX for winning the 100 $CLOAK.

We got over 790k views on this giveaway, I am happy with that result.

Much love


Shibob — Vietnamese Coordinator

Dear Cloak Community!

Last month, we continued to promote CLOAK in Crypto Vietnam Community and had several education articles.

In April 07, we attended La 4ème chaîne mondiale - La Journée du blockchain au Vietnam 2019 which will be hold in Hanoi, with more than 1000 people attending. The event was co-organized by Government. I would like to send back my tweet about CLOAK Vietnam Community participating in event:

During the event, we have met a lot of local KOLs, Vietnamese and foreign projects.

Last month, we keep translating and updating Cloak’s blogs and news to community.

Recently, there are a lot of exchanges have been expanding in Vietnam. We see this is a big chance to expanding CLOAK branding over here.

Peace & Love,


Exslave — Portuguese/Brazil Coordinator

Hello community!

CloakCoin will be present at BitConf 2019 - the biggest crypto-event in Brazil, and a excelent opportunity to showcase CloakCoin.

So this month I prepared CloakCoin’s presence in BitConf 2019 by partenering with one of the biggest Crypto influencers — Vô Epanimondas.

Epaminondas is one the most active voices on BlockChain awarness and education in Brazil — Partnering wish such a popular and respected figure, will surelly bring value and atention to Cloak’s image. Apart from interaction with users at the Epanimondas stand, there will be 1000 magazines distributed at the event and a full page will be presenting CloakCoin and its main features. Marketing wise there will also be t-shirts distribution and a presentation video that will be aired on Epanimondas’s youtube channel.

Contacts for reputable exchanges listings continue, and we are currently engaged in negotiations in a effort to make CloakCoin more acessible to Brazilian users.

Translations and original social media content continue to be produced.

Peace & Love,


Ryomin — Italian Coordinator

Hi Cloak family,

This month I worked to get an interview for the Project Manager LasVegas and developer Anorak on and have been busy working on an educational video on how important transaction privacy is and how Cloak could solve this problem with its privacy features.

I also continued my translation work and my communication with various people inside the local and international space to bring some collaborations to a close. These take time to nurture and I’m proud to say we have made good progress.

Finally I’ve been focused on researching potential collaborations with various businesses. I created another businesses list and sent it to Ivan for the adoption plan so that we can collaborate on growing adoption further.

Thank you for the kindness and support.


Summing Up!

Thanks so much for joining us and keeping up to date with the efforts of our awesome coordinator team. Don’t forget that we are running the ENIGMA Competition where you can win 10,000 CLOAK if you crack the code.

We’re very pleased to announce that an article about ENIGMA has been published on The Startup, one of the most popular publications on Medium. They have approximately 450,000 subscribers, so it’s great exposure for the project.


Until next time, remember to Pay With Cloak, Not Your Privacy!

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