Exslave's Monthly Update: January 2019


Hello CloakCoin Community!

This report is published a few days late due to the recent events with the exchange Binance (delisting without justification). I begin by thanking all the support messages we are receiving from the community and make it clear that the CloakCoin project continues to be developed and implemented. The strategy for crypto education does not stop. I remember there are a number of reputable exchanges that negotiate CloakCoin, including Bittrex, just check them at our website.

The CloakCoin team always gets the most out of all the situations, even the most traumatic and we always end up even more united around the project. It is not an exchange that defines the project, CloakCoin is not hostage to any private or public entity. In the last 4 years, Cloak has always been autonomous and decentralized, it continues to be!

During the month of January we produced the first video lessons/tutorials for the CloakCoin PT/BR academy. Classes are now in post-production and we hope to publish during the month of February.

The work for increasing the project awarness is progressing well, they were days of intense personal contacts with people from all areas of activity. We are introducing CloakCoin to crypto world professionals, IT professionals, philosophy and artists. The reactions are very positive and motivates us to develop more relationships and partnerships.

The performance in the CloakCoin official Portuguese social media channels pushes ahead, both in the production of contents and in the translation of all the relevant information of the project.

Peace & Love

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Facebook: CloakCoin Brasil

Twitter: Cloak_Brasil

Portuguese Language Coordinator Exslave

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