Exslave's Monthly Update: December 2018


Hello Community,

Although 2018 has been a dreadfull year for the crypto world, it is with great satisfaction that I look back at the work done by the entire CloakCoin team over the past year. Today it is a certainty that CloakCoin will never stop working and will never compromise its core values of privacy, no matter how difficult the moment is. Im very proud to be part of this project.

This month I went through presenting the project to journalists and digital influencers in an effort to bring more attention to the project and the merits of online privacy, as well as a strong commitment to community growth.

Interaction with the community continues in the Portuguese language social network channels: Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. Educational content about CloakCoin and its technology was created and published. Small challenges were thrown to the community always with a informative focus, as well as user content competitions produced by the community.

One of the main objectives of CloakCoin is adoption and after the contacts made we will see in early 2019 Brazilian companies announcing the acceptance of CloakCoin as a payment method.

Parallel to the Portuguese language market, I explored the Spanish language market. There have been contacts with members of the Latin American Community that will produce articles and there are contacts with youtube influencers that will release videos about CloakCoin in Spanish.

The focus for 2019 will be education about the strenghts of CloakCoin and cooperation with various projects and individuals that could help to forward the adoption of CloakCoin as a secure payment method.

Happy 2019 full of Peace & Love

Telegram: CloakCoinPortuguese

Facebook: CloakCoin Brasil

Twitter: Cloak_Brasil

Portuguese Language Coordinator Exslave

[email protected]

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