Trust.Zone is under Seychelles jurisdiction and operates according to law in Seychelles. There is no mandatory data retention law in Seychelles. In their jurisdiction a court order would not be enforceable and since they don’t store any logs – there is nothing to be taken from their servers

Trust.Zone VPN Service hides your online identity and keeps you ANONYMOUS. Stop your ISP and Government Agencies from tracking you! Download torrents and media anonymously!'

Trust.Zone doesn’t store any logs. Everything we need from users – just email to sign up. No names, no personal info, no tracking.

Trust.Zone Announces a Partnership with CloakCoin cryptoplatform! From now, they start accepting CloakCoin with 10% discount!

Trust.Zone and CloakCoin partnership brings a new level of anonymity and privacy to intertnet users. A key component of protecting personal data is the ability for Trust.Zone to innovate and adopt blockchain technology.

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