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Designed to Facilitate Private, Secure, Decentralized & Untraceable Transfers with ENIGMA

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Wallet v2.0.2.0 Release !

by CloakTeam (comments: 0)

Dear Cloakers,

We're pleased to announce the v2.0.2.0 release of the Cloak wallet. This update includes new and updated translation sets for French and Russian as well as bugfixes and a host of security improvements to the Enigma and CloakShield communication layer. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who's helped out with this release, whether that be in terms of...

CloakCoin Update Released!!!

by CloakTeam (comments: 2)

Dear Cloak Community,

We're pleased to present a new v2.0.1.2 point release for the Cloak 'Phoenix' wallet. This is primarily a bug-fix release, but also includes some changes to how wallet unlocking is handled for Enigma sends. Attempting an Enigma send with a locked wallet was previously causing issues as the wallet would re-lock before the finished Enigma transaction...

Cloakcoin – Any Time – Any Where

by CloakTeam (comments: 3)

The all new CloakCoin Mobile Wallet is the first standalone app integrating the advanced X13 algorithm into CloakCoin’s own dedicated, fully adapted, decentralized Mobile Wallet Server System based on the Electrum Server. As X13 has so far not been available with Electrum the CloakCoin Dev Team had to integrate this algorithm before being able to use this platform. ...

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Fast Transactions

The block generation time with CloakCoin is around 60 seconds compared to 10 minutes with the Bitcoin protocol.


An onion routing system has been implemented, this protects against the identification of any users involved in transactions. It is absolutely impossible for any observers to determine either the sender or the recipient of transactions.


CloakCoins are never transferred to an intermediate party during Cloaking, so coins remain safe and secure at all times.


Cloak incorporates Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mining, which uses held coins rather than expensive mining equipment to secure the network. This means that a Raspberry Pi is more than enough to run a CloakCoin node at home. Every running wallet is an equal part of the CloakCoin network and can earn rewards from staking and processing ENIGMA transactions.

Trustless System

No need to trust any node except yourself! All your operations are managed by your node and your coins are always safe and under your control.

Best Technology

The blockchain is not bloated with custom data or using sidechains (separate blockchains) as employed by other privacy-centric coins. CloakCoin features ENIGMA off-chain mixing to facilitate fully private, secure, untraceable and decentralized transactions.


CloakCoin will guarantee fungibility - all coins being equal and interchangeable!

Earn Rewards

You can use the coins held in your wallet to help secure the Cloak network by staking and earn up to 6% interest per year. You can also help process ENIGMA transactions on the cloak network to earn additional rewards.

User Friendly

Our wallet is both user friendly and easy to install. Ready to use within a few minutes with no complicated setup. Just download and click install.

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