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Cloak is the fastest, most secure way to transact cryptocurrency using blockchain technology and truly next-gen ENIGMA encryption to create fully private transactions. Fly free with Cloak.

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CLOAK provides a more secure and private world of currency transactions

  • Lightning-fast

    Experience almost instant transactions. No more waiting for slow blocktimes or network transactions to take place.

  • Earn rewards

    Everyone can earn more with Cloak. 6% annual interest is rewarded for simply staking your coins in your wallet.

  • Untraceable to you

    Cloak has onion-routing privacy set to default, or switch on state of the art ENIGMA for the ultimate in cloaking.

  • Community focused

    We live and breathe community and rely upon active participation and volunteers to help the project. Get involved.


Open source

CloakShield utilizes end-to-end encryption and delivers secure communication out of the box, allowing nodes to circumvent traffic analysis. Combined with ENIGMA, it is the crème de la crème for privacy, utilizing up to 25 hops using symmetric RSA encryption backed by an ECDH key exchange.

Open source is important to Cloak as it provides complete transparency and the ability to peer review the software. Users can have complete faith that the software is continually reviewed for bugs, tracking, malware or any other unwanted software.

Key features

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Earn from PoS (Staking)


CloakCoin is a pure proof-of-stake (PoS) cryptocurrency that offers an interest of 6% per annum on staked coins. Should they wish, users are also eligible to a share in the network's linear fee from 0.2% (>1000 coins) to 1% (0 coins) fee for their support towards ENIGMA transactions. It’s more energy efficient than mining and it’s easy to earn more Cloak by simply placing coins in your wallet.

Limited circulation

Cloak is designed to be a rarity and is such limited in supply, offering excellent potential to currency holders. Increasing circulating supply is minimal, raised by a theoretical maximum of 6% p.a. in line with rewards. Typically, this is a much lower % in reality, so the coin does not suffer from over-inflation and remains a scarce commodity.


Consensus algorithm PoS
Reward 6% p.a.
Earn interest Everyone
Blocktime 60sec
True anonymity  Yes
Open Source  Yes
Circulating supply 5.1m
Consensus algorithm PoW
Reward  No
Earn interest  No
Blocktime 120sec
True anonymity  Yes
Open Source  Yes
Circulating supply 15.8m
Consensus algorithm PoW
Reward 8.3% p.a.
Earn interest Masternode only
Blocktime 120sec
True anonymity  No
Open Source  Yes
Circulating supply 7.9m
Consensus algorithm PoW
Reward  No
Earn interest  No
Blocktime 600sec
True anonymity  No
Open Source  Yes
Circulating supply 16.9m
Consensus algorithm PoW
Reward  No
Earn interest  No
Blocktime 12sec
True anonymity  No
Open Source  Yes
Circulating supply 98m

Latest news

Exchange Update
Tuesday, December 04, 2018
Dear CLOAK Community, We're glad to announce that CloakCoin has been listed on CryptoWolf an instant cryptocurrency exchange! You can easily exchange cryptocurrencies in a fast, secure, and cheap way…
Marketing Update
Thursday, November 22, 2018
Dear CLOAK Community, We are happy to announce the joining of a new team member to the Cloak Family. From now on Asertin will represent Cloak as the Turkish Coordinator. Asertin has more than 5 years…
Development Update
Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Dear Cloak Community, We're very pleased to announce the new Raspberry Pi wallet, including a brand new update of our Enigma Payment System. Primarily a bug-fix release, Version 'rEVOLUTION' …

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