ShiBob's Monthly Update: November 2018

Shi Bob

Hey everyone,

I'm very glad to be a part of this awesome team and the coordinator program! Let me introduce my efforts:

General Updates

  • Finished CloakCoin Wiki Vietnamese page
  • Keep updated about the news/updates via bitcoingarden and local forum:,
  • Discuss with several exchanges and vendors for Cloak and crypto adoption
  • I am in discussing with some KoLs (big local influencers) to team up a group for crypto adoption. And need to do more researches about crypto adoption in Vietnam, this could be hard since the law is not very clear.

    Community Updates

  • The community grows is quite good: up to now, the group has 338 members but not that many discussions in the group, most of the chats are about the market since they are traders. I will encourage people to do Cloaking rather than only trading.

    Marketing and Events

  • Discussed with Bitcoinworld, a Dapp online game platform to accept Cloak as a payment method and already got an agreement.
  • Contacted with 55 exchange, a new exchange which registered in Singapore to list CloakCoin. They will contact back to Cloak Team for listing. But currently they’re doing OTC exchange, so they’re quite busy.

    Ideas and Suggestions

  • Most of the Vietnamese community members are traders, so some of them don’t understand much about Cloak. Hopefully, CloakWiki will help. Also, I would like to hold a weekly trivia quiz in Cloak VN group to educate community via trivia.
  • Wisepass is a promising project which is currently having about 200+ merchants/customers in Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand, accepting crypto payment. My friend is working on their marketing division. So I will have some talks with her but need to figure out what’s the benefits on marketing and sale aspects for merchants. Also need helps from Cloak Team and Joshua on this.

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Greetings from Vietnam


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