Asertin's Monthly Update: January 2019


Dear Cloak Community,

I am glad to present you my first monthly report in 2019. This year my goal is to focus on providing educational content for topics as blockchain, privacy, and proof-of-stake in Turkey. Hence, I get in contact with the community and investors to teach them more frequently about concepts of CloakCoin and talk about the development of blockchain technologie and adoption of cryptocurrencies. For this reason, I am happy to announce that CloakCoin partnered with Altcointurk - KriptoCuma to open the "CLOAK Blockchain Academy & Altcointurk Hub" in Istanbul.

The place was opened on Friday, January 31, 2019, and will be actively used for creating content and educating the community.

All the content that we provide to our community is for free.



While taking necessary actions, it is important to care about our needs & desires of the community. Talking to various community members will help us to customize our strategy. Acting according to the needs of the market (e.g. focusing on blockchain education in Turkey), it will become easier for mass adoption which is our global goal. Hence, I am happy to announce that Ikincielmobil a Turkish marketplace for used & new smartphones and tablets accepts now CloakCoin as a payment method.

As Turkish Coordinator I personally believe investing my time to engage with our community through the new Academy Hub. It will drive personal growth and better understanding about blockchain, privacy and much more. Furthermore, I will put more effort to increase CLOAK's brand awareness in Turkey.

Due the time I spent, to build up the CLOAK Blockchain Academy my reports were short in the past. Please stay tuned and read more about the promising community development in Turkey in my upcoming reports. I am confident to reach new goals through the Academy. Besides creating content for educational purposes, I will focus this month on adoption and listings on local exchanges.

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Thank you for reading my report!

Peace & Love

Asertin- Turkish Coordinator

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