Igors Monthly Update: December 2018


Update for December and for the year. Personal opinion and plans for 2019

As the Russian speaking coordinator of CloakCoin, I did the following in almost the past year:

  1. Translated all CloakCoin information into Russian language
  2. Compiled several documents for speeches on upcoming conferences
  3. Established a new translation team of 12 to enlarge recognition in different countries
  4. Drew up a strategic plan for CloakCoin adoption as a payment method
  5. Visited several conferences, meetings, exhibitions, where I was able to give people an understanding of Cloak as privacy coin
  6. Created a personal image by writing various articles about cryptocurrency, privacy, economics, decentralization. Of course, I didn’t accomplish some tasks that I set to manage in the 2018th, but they will be surely finished in the 1st quarter of the 2019th.

    Of course, I didn’t accomplish some tasks that I set to manage in the 2018th, but they will be surely finished in the 1st quarter of the 2019th.

    As for December, in addition to the usual work, I was able to visit the island of Mauritius and talk with people associated with the blockchain. Details about the meeting can be found here. It is planned to make a conference in the 2019th, where I will talk more about all the advantages of cryptocurrencies and CloakCoin in particular.

    Summarizing the plans for 2019, I am going to complete the following tasks.

    Q1 2019:
  • complete all unfinished tasks
  • prepare and speak at the blockchain and cryptocurrency conference
  • move forward with the adoption of CloakCoin as a payment method
  • come up with a system whereby all members of the Cloak community would be motivated to help develop CloakCoin and help - with its adoption around the world
  • organize several interviews with Russian journalists
  • create an interesting blog, where I could share my opinion regarding cryptocurrencies, privacy and decentralization

    2019 in general:
  1. Adoption of CloakCoin. If the community fund will be available, I plan to find a motivated specialists who will help with adoption in Russia and Ukraine.
  2. Partnership, sponsorship. I am going to talk with a well-known large company in Russia or Ukraine, which would be quite popular in the mass media or on the Internet for the further conclusion of a partner-sponsorship agreement.
  3. Decentralization and use of the ENIGMA system. We are planning to release a number of videos telling why confidentiality and decentralization are needed and how the ENIGMA transaction anonymization system works.
  4. Building a Cloak Community. Plan to speak at conferences in Russian speaking countries and to give interviews to Russian-speaking Internet resources.
  5. Introduce my own ideas that will help the further development and adoption of CloakCoin. This will be possible thanks to a decentralized community fund, which will be implemented in the near future.

    I also want to share my opinion about the cryptomarket and its direction in the 2019th year. The main ideas about this were written by me in this article. However, I want to emphasize once again the main points that are likely to occur in the 2019th year:

  6. The extinction of most failed projects. ICO or other projects without a well-developed idea and an inactive team are not likely to survive this year, since the finances and investments in most projects have already ended in 2018. The bear market destroyed projects which were mainly based on large investments without having the stamina, community or passion Cloak has since 2014.

  7. Smart investments. After a sharp growth in the market at the end of 2017, when investors didn’t study the projects, in the pursuit of fast and big money they invested far and wide and lost 90% of their investments, (or their investments fell 100 times) now they would not risk so. Investors will begin to study projects, communicate with the team and invest for the long term.

  8. The start of mass adoption. Despite the large market volatility in 2018, more and more merchants are starting to accept cryptocurrency, as this is not only possible earnings in the future, but also an alternative to fiat money, which is not always a best exchange option. Transactions using cryptocurrency occur faster, and fees are almost 0. All this will eventually become known, as it used to be with the Internet.

  9. Sharp growth of projects with a unique idea or a well-developed idea. As in any kind of market, projects become large if they come up with or implement a unique idea that will change for the better or make life easier for the person. Investors will chase for such projects. Those projects which work passionately for their aims will win a certain niche - will also experience great growth. CloakCoin, which works hard in the area of confidentiality, is approaching this very fast.

    Generally speaking, the 2019th year and most likely the 2nd half will be the beginning of the next growth of the cryptocurrency market, as more and more investors enter the market, and the market itself is developing and becoming more and more adopted. We will look to the future of the cryptomarket with optimism!

    With respect,

    Igor Fridkin

    Russian Coordinator (Telegram: @IgorsLAT)

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cloak_Russia

    Telegram: https://t.me/CloakCoinRussian

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