ShiBob's Monthly Update: February 2019

Shi Bob

Dear Cloak Community!

Last month we celebrated Lunar New Year over here. We call it Tet Holiday (it starts on Feb 4th 2019).

I was lucky that OKEx exchange, one of the biggest Vietnamese KOL, invited me to attend their New Year Party in Beijing, where I was from January 27 until the first of February. At the party I met a lot of important people of the Chinese crypto community. I had a lot of interesting conversations and of course I didn’t forget to tell them about CLOAK. I would like to share some images of my trip:

Before Tet holiday, I and some local KOLs had a meetup with BCNEX, which may become the very first Vietnamese exchange to acquire a government issued license. COO of Aelf, Zhuling Chen, and one of my friends, Sam from BlockShow were present as well.

In February, we even came to an agreement to create a Vietnamese Blockchain Alliance. The Binance delisting shocked the CLOAK family and the Vietnamese community as well. Because most of the CloakCoin Vietnamese community members are traders, I reviewed the situation with them a lot. There was negative and positive feedback, but we all agreed to move forward. There are a lot of plans to follow up in March and the near future.

Peace & Love,

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Greetings from Vietnam


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