CloakCoin V2.2.1.0-beta 'REVOLUTION' For Linux & Windows


Dear CLOAK Community,

We're pleased to announce the CloakCoin v2.2.1.0-beta 'rEVOLUTION' wallet for Linux and Windows.

The Mac & Raspberry Pi wallet will be available soon.


Version 'rEVOLUTION' brings various fixes & improvements; biggest change is full wallet file encryption/decryption on exit/start, fixing a major anonymity flaw detected and explained in Cognosec's audit report (balance & transaction information access).

For improved and added security, users can now enter a password on every wallet shutdown (if they want), fully encrypting the wallet file information, including balance & transactions. Users will be prompted for a passphrase to decrypt their wallet on startup if needed, software will automatically detect whether it's a standard or an encrypted wallet. IMPORTANT: As always, please DON'T forget the passphrase entered - the coins/funds will be lost and wallet file rendered unusable!

The 'Encrypt wallet' functionality previously available in the wallet is still there - keep in mind it will only encrypt your private keys though, an evil actor with unrestricted access to your wallet.dat (such as a backup) might still view your balance and transactions data. 'Backup wallet' functionality was not modified and still creates standard/unencrypted backups - if you want to store an encrypted backup please exit the wallet, encrypt it with a passphrase when prompted and store a copy of current wallet.dat file.

Changes done:

  • fully encrypted wallet.dat on QT wallet exit: safer storage of your wallet.dat & restricted access to account/transaction info (backup wallet function still makes unencrypted backups)
  • DLLs required and the app install folder are now read-only & hidden; elevated privileges required for write access
  • optimized loading performance by doing smart things with big numbers calculations: 20% faster blockchain index loading time
  • increased dbcache defaults in src/db.cpp & src/txdb-leveldb.cpp, resulted in 30-50% speed performance increase for syncing blocks
  • removal of BigNum dependency in some code parts & trust calculation optimization (uint256) seems to have fixed the memory leak/bloat on both QT & daemon (yay Anorak!)
  • TX view in block explorer
  • Install over existing wallet
  • Enable Enigma by default
  • ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL FIX FOR ENIGMA - cloaker addresses were not picked up when scanning in certain rare cases, which would result in lost funds instead of a reward for participating in Enigma. Great news: these can now be recovered by running 'scanforstealthtxns' in the (debug) console!

    Planned/in-progress TODOs:

  • dev fund & governance
  • voting system (solid idea in place, wfc)
  • reskin the UI to something more modern (designs exist)
  • phase out BigNum completely and other possible structs/types that prevent compiling with openssl 1.1.x
  • upgrade btc-dependent code to more recent btc/ltc codebase (not looking forward to that, long overdue)

    Linux Wallet (Debian/Kali build)


    Windows Wallet


    The CloakCoin source code is on different repository. Head over to CloakCoin repository to view the code, open issues related to code and send pull requests.

    For additional help and support you can find us on Rocketchat or view the CloakWiki

    Peace & Love

    Team Cloak

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