Exslave's Monthly Update: October 2018


Hello Community,

Efforts to increase CloakCoin presence and awareness continue, and I’m very pleased to see more and more people react positively to our project.

  • I completed the update of the CloakWiki.org content and translated it to Portuguese. The layout was changed to increase responsiveness on mobile devices.
  • Created CloakCoin BR meetup group and with Joaquim organized the first CloakCoin meetup in São Paulo, Brazil. https://www.meetup.com/CloakCoin-BR
  • Worked with youtube influencer Luan Italo in publishing a first video about CloakCoin, you can see video here:

    Cloak logo was added to his channel’s banner, a second video is going to be published in November.

  • Created a CloakCoin Brasil Facebook page, at the time of this writing the group has 300 members
  • Subtitled in Portuguese the CloakCoin Monthly video update ‘Around the Cloak ep-02
  • Got CloakCoin listed on Brazilian Troca.Ninja Exchange, although new and still small this exchange is considered one of the safest operating in Brazil, and also one with excellent growth perspectives.
  • Prepared a CloakCoin presence on BitConf Brasil 2018 that will happen in Fortaleza, Brazil. Every attendee will receive a flier with CloakCoin featured, Cloak will be mentioned in a stage pitch by Marcos and there will be CloakCoin merchandise distribution.
  • Prepared a social media campaign mainly on telegram and Facebook to boost CloakCoin recognition, this campaign will be launched on November and will target Telegram and facebook users.
  • Wrote 2 articles one will be published on livecoins.com.br as soon as there is a free article slot, other maybe on medium or planetacloakcoin.com
  • Managed Portuguese Social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook and Telegram

Plans for November

  • Find ways to increase CloakCoin visibility
  • Contact companies to accept CloakCoin
  • Continue to create CloakCoin content in Portuguese, and publish them on cryptocurrencies websites
  • Adding more influencers to the list
  • Research ways to increase adoption


    Telegram: CloakCoinPortuguese

    Facebook: CloakCoin Brasil

    Twitter: Cloak_Brasil

    Cloak Community

    Portuguese Language Coordinator Exslave

    [email protected]

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