Igors Monthly Update: January 2019


Before I update you about my work in January, first I would like to thank the entire Cloak community. To all those, who, despite the negative events that occurred in mid-February (unreasonable delisting from Binance), stayed with us and actively supported us in solving this issue. Thank you! Really appreciate it!

I want to assure you that we are doing everything to clarify this situation and solve the existing problem. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control, but you can read more about our response to Binance delisting here.

January was not a productive month, as the Christmas holidays ran through the 12th of January (Orthodox Christmas). But I had enough time to start my blog in Medium. In it, I'm going to share my thoughts about cryptocurrency in general and about Cloak. You can read my latest article about cryptocurrency adoption by clicking the link below:

The cryptocurrency adoption. Problems that need to be solved in the nearest future

Also I finally managed to finish my presentation for my future speeches at crypto-conferences, unfortunately in the next 2 months there seems to be no high-quality crypto-conferences in Russia and Ukraine. However we will be watching for new opportunities to participate in the future.

In February I’m planning:

  • to start translating cloakwiki.org to Russian
  • to arrange a meeting with exchanges about possible listing with a fiat pair
  • to continue working with my design idea for conferences (brochures, covers, etc.)
  • to study Adobe Illustrator in order to help our team of designers and marketers.
  • to work on Cloak development plan for the future (your ideas are welcome)

    Peace and Love

    Igor Fridkin

    Russian Coordinator (Telegram: @IgorsLAT)

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cloak_Russia

    Telegram: https://t.me/CloakCoinRussian

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