Ryomin's Monthly Update: October 2018


Hello everybody,

Also October came to an end and we found ourselves in the middle of November and in the middle of the autumn, a great time to sit down and work on Cloak's schedule. The Cloak family is always active, achieving results upon results and improving the project.

My motto could be "Learn how to do the same things better and better". These are some tasks that I completed during this month apart from my daily basic tasks:

  • I've focused myself on finding all the info and the partners to organize a great conference with Cloak as a guest, among other important crypto projects and professionals of the crypto ecosystem.
  • Communication with influencers to spread the Cloak word.
  • Translated several contents for Cloak.
  • Communication with various companies to spread Cloak as a payment system and amplify collaborations
  • Communication with various influencers, groups and specialized local and international pages for hypothetical interviews and appearances of the Cloak project.
  • TheCryptoGateway made a review about Cloak on Youtube:

Future plans:

  • Looking for new partnerships and collaborations.
  • Continuing the process to set up a crypto conference with Cloak as a guest/ have Cloak as a guest in an important crypto conference/meeting.

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    The Italian Coordinator Ryomin

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