Arcane Bear

Arcane Bear

Arcane Bear began as a pet project in November 2016 and has since grown to a staff of over 15 wonderful international team members, contributing to this visionary business.

We aim at evolving the face of capitalism, making helping others profitable.

We are out to highlight positive solutions for creating effectual change in innovative markets & promoting creative thinkers disrupting alternative industry.

Arcane Bear functions off digital assets, a crypto-enabled business model, as on chain & off chain solution that aims to be a completely decentralized company on the blockchain.

I believe true wealth is health and there is nothing more valuable than sharing stories, communicating love and being a part of a community. I'll always enjoy the struggle of building a Startup business, as one of the originals of the four founders at the Arcane Bear our team will enjoy the success of becoming one of the leading international brands in the innovator space.

Other team members


Android Developer


PR Marketing Lead & Dutch Coordinator

Shi Bob

Vietnamese Coordinator