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Tasks of a Cloak

We are selecting motivated, entrepreneurial individuals to become part of CloakCoin’s Coordinator Program. That is your opportunity to actively participate in the rise of a global blockchain ecosystem that believes in privacy. Build a better future with us!

Serve and enlarge the Cloak Community at your location
Represent Cloak at crypto exhibitions and organize Cloak meet-ups at your location
Creation, translation, and spreading of Cloak content at your location
Promote the acceptance of Cloak as a means of payment at shops & businesses
Be part of a dedicated team and one of the leading private digital currencies
Open up new markets and support us in establishing the financial revolution
Work in a friendly and flexible environment
Work from home and whenever you want (flexible hours)
Be an early adopter and get paid in CloakCoin

Coordinators world-wide



Russian Coordinator


Business Manager & Brazilian Portuguese Coordinator


PR Marketing Lead & Dutch Coordinator

Shi Bob

Vietnamese Coordinator


Turkish Coordinator



PR & Marketing