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Auditable Supply
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透明度是加密货币行业的核心。正是银行业没有光明正大这回事,这才导致了伪匿名中本聪(Satoshi Nakamoto)当初发明了比特币。 但是因为加密行业还是缺乏监管,它很容易被坏人操纵。虽然比特币是去中心化的和透明的,但是就是有点太透明了。 比特币或许拥有“数字现金”的光环,但是它的过分透…
Selective Privacy
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How to Exercise Your Right to Selective Privacy

CloakCoin Isn’t an ‘Always Private’ Cryptocurrency
CloakCoin’s sudden, surprise delisting from Binance taught us that certain crypto exchanges are privacy averse. And because we never received a stra…
Privacy Coin
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Why Using a Privacy Coin Preserves Our Rights as Global Citizens

The World’s 7B+ Residents are Entitled to Privacy
Online privacy is becoming increasingly important in today’s interconnected global society. Data has surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable res…