Iwidepiwi's Monthly Update: February 2019


Hi everybody,

From the moment we are born, we are conditioned to fulfill our role in society, to be a law abiding citizen, to do as we are told. In some sense we are modern slaves caught up in the web of (financial) responsibilities. With cryptocurrencies, and especially with privacy coins like CloakCoin, we have the opportunity to take the control back, to fight for financial independency and to protect our personal data.

Cloak is an amazing project and I am very happy to see that we have a supporting community. Some of them are very active on social media, creating awareness for protecting privacy and our project. Keep on spreading the message, we appreciate your efforts. Together we are #Cloakstrong.

Companies starting accepting Cloak:

I had a meeting with the owner of Cryptoskompas, a Dutch crypto education platform.

I am happy to announce that Cryptoskompas will support Cloak. Cloak and privacy are going to be an integral part of the courses he provides. There is also a possibility to give exclusive courses about Cloak and get more into the deep.

Cryptoskompas.nl now accepts CloakCoin for all his courses.

Thanks Rick, I am looking forward to get this train going.

Future plans:

  • Negotiate partnerships with (Dutch) representatives from other projects.
  • Sign up 1 vendor every quarter in the Netherlands that doesn’t accept crypto. Paying them a visit and helping them personally to accept Cloak and put the “Pay with Cloak Sticker” on their shop/ restaurant window.
  • Organize the official Cloak meet up in Amsterdam.
  • Organize an informational evening for business owners informing them about the power of Cloak for their business and show them the different ways to accept.
  • Research the Cloak adoption density in specific countries. In countries with high density, looking for big companies that accept Cloak – in countries with low density, researching how to increase adoption.

    Join the Dutch Cloak Community on Telegram:

    Greetings from the Netherlands - Groeten uit Nederland

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