Iwidepiwi's Monthly Update: January 2019


Hi everybody,

This year the focus will be on education and adoption. It is really nice to see that we are taking advantage of each of our individual strengths to make this happen. I want to take the opportunity to give my compliments to the other coordinators: They are doing such a great job, there is a lot to learn from them. And I want to thank our community for sticking with us in the longest bear market so far: It´s just awesome to see the trust in us! Soon we will break through those fences and get the recognition we deserve.

Since I´m more of a sales person, I most enjoy contacting vendors and pitching a possible integration, talking about the benefits of accepting crypto in general and in particular Cloak. Where would we be, if we don’t have vendors/artists etc. accepting us as a payment option? We need them.

Companies starting accepting Cloak:

Future plans:

  • Negotiate partnerships with (Dutch) representatives from other projects.
  • Sign up 1 vendor every quarter in the Netherlands that doesn’t accept crypto. Paying them a visit and helping them personally to accept Cloak and put the “Pay with Cloak Sticker” on their shop/ restaurant window.
  • Organize the official Cloak meet up in Amsterdam.
  • Organize an informational evening for business owners informing them about the power of Cloak for their business and show them the different ways to accept.
  • Research the Cloak adoption density in specific countries. In countries with high density, looking for big companies that accept Cloak – in countries with low density, researching how to increase adoption.

    Greetings from the Netherlands

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    Greetings from the Netherlands


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