DownUnder The Cloak Volume 01, Issue 07

Recently the crypto markets took a big hit to the downside, but I’m feeling more positive than ever about the upside. Our team is expanding and we’ve built some great foundations to work our way towards mass adoption. There’s so much good news in the pipeline.

Around The Cloak Keeps Getting Better

I’m really enjoying putting together our monthly video updates on progress and developments from the CloakCoin team. It’s really rewarding to share with the world what we are doing to make untraceable cryptocurrency more accessible to the world.

Working With NEM, Tenzorum and Bitfwd — APAC Blockchain Conference

In the lead up to next year’s APAC Blockchain Conference, we have commenced working on the content for our full day workshop. I am doing this in collaboration with Thanh Le, the Australian lead for the NEM Foundation.

I recently had the pleasure of adding Daniel Bar to our program. Daniel is a visionary entrepreneur, leader of Bitfwd community, a member of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship New Zealand and CEO of Tenzorum. He has one seriously impressive resume!

Really looking forward to this event. We will be engaging with over 500 attendees from over 250 different companies across enterprise.

Trading Crypto With Cointree Event — Stone & Chalk Sydney

Big thanks to Beau Stoner from Cryptocurrency Australia for recommending me to Cointree as a speaker for their event. It was a great turnout, about 70 people showed up for pizza, beers and learning.

I got to spend some valuable time with Thanh from NEM to discuss upcoming collaborations. Always a pleasure to talk crypto and big ideas for adoption.

Also had an amazing discussion with Shane Stevenson, the CEO of Cointree who hosted the event. They’re a leading exchange based in Melbourne, Australia and have been in business since 2013.

They’re also tightly integrated with Gobbill, allowing users to pay any bill with their chosen crypto. Some really exciting news to come, really proud to be working with Cointree on events and future developments.

Shoutout to Robert Joseph from MySMSF for all the insights around tax and self managed superannuation funds. What a fascinating guy, looking forward to working together mate!

We’ve Been Working SO Hard On Adoption

I want to extend a huge thank you to show my appreciation to our growing team of coordinators. They’re from all over the globe and are making waves!

We now have a total of 7 coordinators and our fortnightly coordinator video calls are now running super smoothly. We have a set meeting agenda, sharing and discussing all sorts of ideas. We also take time to discuss our efforts in our respective markets and provide feedback to one another.

You may have noticed lately what we have been signing up heaps of new merchants. This is due to the hard work and dedication of our amazing coordinators. We’ve been taking all of our insights and carefully creating systems within our CRM to monitor our success.

We are already making tweaks to our communications to improve our results.

Mentioned on Crypto Clothesline with Tone Vays

The lovely ladies from Crypto Clothesline recently had Tone Vays on their podcast. They reached out to me for some insights on the Coinsbank Blockchain cruise.

Not only was I stunned by the exuberance of Las Vegas, I was delighted to meet personal heroes and some of my favourite influencers. I tweeted up a storm so here’s some of my favourite moments.

They featured myself and CloakCoin as part of the episode notes on their website too! Thanks to Abheeti and Amy-Rose for their support. If you haven’t seen my interview with Omar from Crypt0’s News, be sure to check it out below.

Checkout With CloakCoin On

Talk about adoption! Much to my delight, I was able to pay using CloakCoin on, an online store offering over 70 million products. It’s quite a bit like Amazon!

I simply clicked on the pay with crypto button at checkout and selected CloakCoin. In fact the site accepts quite a few different cryptocurrencies, of which we are proud to have been selected amongst.

Since announcing the acquisition of the marketplace, (who had over 3 million shoppers through its doors last year), MonetaryUnit’s $MUE coin has shot up 37% in value. The coins available at the launch of crypto offering are: BitCoin, BitCoin Cash, Dash, DogeCoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Komodo, LiteCoin, Ripple XRP, XMR Monero, Beancash, BlackCoin, Bitcoin gold, CloakCoin, Crown, Decred, DigiByte, Game credits, Groestlcoin, Lisk, MaidSafeCoin, NavCoin, Neo, Namecoin, Nxt, Peercoin, Pura, Qtum, SmartCash, Stratis, Syscoin, TokenPay, Tron, Ubiq, Vertcoin, Waves, NEM, Verge, ZCoin, Zcash and Horizen

It’s also worth mentioning that Flubit is no small-fry. They’re a major retailer with a big push for cryptocurrency use this Christmas with over 1 million Xmas deals on offer. You can see the scale of these guys for yourself on SimilarWeb.

Pay With CloakCoin, Not Your Privacy

While I’m busy forming new partnerships, attending events and mentoring our team of coordinators, make sure you’re using your CloakCoins. Especially be sure to embrace Enigma and make the most of our long established privacy coin.

I don’t always go to conferences. But when I do, I make the most of it!

You’ve seen the places you can spend $CLOAK growing steadily and I can assure you, that growth is going to explode. Especially with some exciting partnerships in the works and with all of the video tutorials and training materials I’ve created to make our coordinators jobs easier.

Can’t believe I’m alongside Jeffrey Tucker and Ron Paul!

Until next time, I’ll be busy signing up merchants, new payment solutions and working on my presentation for my speaking gig at Anarchapulco on 14–17 February 2019. Here’s a sneak peek of the title slide.

When it’s comes to privacy, Mark has been ‘Zuckerpunched’

Merry Christmas everyone!

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