Development Update: February 2019


Dear Cloak Community,

here the current development status and plans for the future

@New client, codename: Phoenix

  • work on PoW mechanics has been mostly completed
  • adding PoS minting functionality is still under way, proving to be more challenging than anticipated
  • a new wallet design has been proposed & prototyped, looking into creating a Web/Electron front-end


  • Bisq implementation completed, Cloak should be available in their next release

    @Current client, rEvolution:

  • v2.2.2.1 is in release stage

    Description: Attempt to fix the d/c storm issue associated with Enigma transactions. The issue is not (and was not) reproducible on devnet or testnet with relatively small number of nodes - hard to say this is the final solution without testing it "in the wild" as the problem seems to be large network and/or bandwidth related.

    To isolate the send/receive mechanics from previous client versions that have the issue, Enigma v1.2 is not backwards compatible.

    @Voting system concept/idea:

    1. Improvement Proposals or Voting Matters with proper name & details (including a snapshot height) are submitted via official website

  • once validated, the proposal/matter creation signal & their ID (within a properly formatted OPRETURN) is submitted to the blockchain as a transaction (one creator? everyone can? if everyone - prevent "parking"/pre-creating proposals without proper description and details entered; cannot store everything on chain)

    1. Participating wallet owner creates a new address

  • only the first transaction (funding tx) into that address is considered a vote; this is to enable you to still move funds, exclude someone else sending you coins & minted coins increasing vote weight over time
  • first transaction into that address also contains an OPRETURN with proposal/matter ID(s) and corresponding YES/NO signal(s)
  • amount of coins sent into the address acts as vote weighting, equally distributed across proposals/matters if multiple
  • votes are counted and evaluated on reaching the snapshot block height (weight vs. numbers calculation still TBD), blockchain is scanned for funding txs containing the proposal/matter OPRETURN, from proposal creation height to snapshot height

    Open for comments, suggestions and improvements in our Telegram group or Rocket chat

    Peace & Love


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