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PoS Alliance
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CloakCoin e a Aliança Proof of Stake

Os benefícios de estender sua equipe
A CloakCoin está levando o trabalho em equipe para outro nível, associando-se a uma comunidade dedicada a melhorar o mecanismo de consenso Proof of …
Pow & PoS

What are the differences between PoW and PoS?

As the dust settles following the great blockchain rush, now is an opportune time for a greater understanding about the operational aspects concerning blockchain technology.
Many misconceptions and errors have been flying around without any hard evidence or truth about what blockchain is. At CloakCoin, we aim to keep ou…
Crypto Reward
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2 Unique Ways to Score Crypto Rewards

Hard or Easy — You Decide
Crypto rewards come in many flavors. From exchanges offering free crypto for opening an account, to projects airdropping tokens into your ethereum w…