Crypto & Privacy Education

Auditable Supply
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Untraceable Yet Transparent

CloakCoin Invites You to Audit Our Monetary Supply
Transparency lies at the heart of the cryptocurrency industry. The disingenuous banking industry’s lack thereof is why the pseudo-anonymous Satoshi …
Selective Privacy
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Como exercer seletivamente seu direito à privacidade.

A CloakCoin só é uma moeda privada se você assim desejar
A repentina e surpresa exclusão da Binance nos ensinou que certas exchanges são avessas à privacidade. E porque nunca recebemos uma resposta dir…
Bitcoin Alternative
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Analisando porque a CloakCoin é uma alternativa destacada do Bitcoin

As razões subjacentes são mais profundas do que a diversificação de portfólio
Um equívoco comum que aflige nossa amada criptosfera é o suposto sigilo das transações de bitcoin. Entre outras características, a privacidade das t…
Crypto Reward
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Best Crypto Hardware Wallets

Blockchain is changing the world. Depending on how you look at it, blockchain continues to develop and evolve, while progressing the world for a better course.
Cryptocurrencies are the flagship example of blockchain technology in use. They can be traded in exchanges and very often sold for fiat in several c…
Unknown Fund
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Cloak Applies to Share $75M for Advancing Privacy

Anonymous Fund Offers Bitcoin to Organizations Fighting for Personal Freedom
Since 2014, Cloak has been working towards making financial privacy simple and accessible to almost everyone. Our decentralized payment system — Eni…
Altcoin Season
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Apresentando a plataforma de negociação CloakFX

Negociações alavancadas estão chegando a um portfólio perto de você
Somos um projeto de blockchain focado na privacidade e nossa equipe está trabalhando continuamente para expandir o uso de nossa criptomoeda - a Cl…
Altcoin Season
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Patiently Awaiting Altcoin Season

Why Bitcoin Alternatives are Slumbering Giants
Spend any amount of time in Telegram — CloakCoin’s Official channel, or others — and you’ll encounter so many questions that start with, “when?” Wh…
PoS Alliance
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CloakCoin e a Aliança Proof of Stake

Os benefícios de estender sua equipe
A CloakCoin está levando o trabalho em equipe para outro nível, associando-se a uma comunidade dedicada a melhorar o mecanismo de consenso Proof of …
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How CloakX Solves the Problems Plaguing Centralized Exchanges

BYOB = Private & Secure Crypto Trading
The current cryptocurrency landscape is overflowing with bad actors. Within every corner of the blockchain lurks a fraudster intent on transferring …
Facebook Libracoin
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Is Facebook’s Libra Coin a Viable Bitcoin Alternative?

Or a Wall St. Wolf in Crypto-Sheep’s Clothing?
Alright, let’s face it. Facebook doesn’t exactly have a history of being a trustworthy organization. Time and time again, FB proves itself to have i…
Crypto Wallet
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How to Choose a Crypto Wallet

Hint: It’s a Matter of Personal Preference
Choosing a digital stashbox is a lot like shopping for a new outfit. Are you going for a conspicuous look? Or are you trying to keep a low profile, …
Privacy Coin
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Why Using a Privacy Coin Preserves Our Rights as Global Citizens

The World’s 7B+ Residents are Entitled to Privacy
Online privacy is becoming increasingly important in today’s interconnected global society. Data has surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable res…
Pow & PoS

What are the differences between PoW and PoS?

As the dust settles following the great blockchain rush, now is an opportune time for a greater understanding about the operational aspects concerning blockchain technology.
Many misconceptions and errors have been flying around without any hard evidence or truth about what blockchain is. At CloakCoin, we aim to keep ou…
Crypto Reward
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2 Unique Ways to Score Crypto Rewards

Hard or Easy — You Decide
Crypto rewards come in many flavors. From exchanges offering free crypto for opening an account, to projects airdropping tokens into your ethereum w…