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Altcoin Season
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Apresentando a plataforma de negociação CloakFX

Negociações alavancadas estão chegando a um portfólio perto de você
Somos um projeto de blockchain focado na privacidade e nossa equipe está trabalhando continuamente para expandir o uso de nossa criptomoeda - a Cl…
Altcoin Season
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Patiently Awaiting Altcoin Season

Why Bitcoin Alternatives are Slumbering Giants
Spend any amount of time in Telegram — CloakCoin’s Official channel, or others — and you’ll encounter so many questions that start with, “when?” Wh…
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How CloakX Solves the Problems Plaguing Centralized Exchanges

BYOB = Private & Secure Crypto Trading
The current cryptocurrency landscape is overflowing with bad actors. Within every corner of the blockchain lurks a fraudster intent on transferring …
Facebook Libracoin
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Is Facebook’s Libra Coin a Viable Bitcoin Alternative?

Or a Wall St. Wolf in Crypto-Sheep’s Clothing?
Alright, let’s face it. Facebook doesn’t exactly have a history of being a trustworthy organization. Time and time again, FB proves itself to have i…
Crypto Wallet
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How to Choose a Crypto Wallet

Hint: It’s a Matter of Personal Preference
Choosing a digital stashbox is a lot like shopping for a new outfit. Are you going for a conspicuous look? Or are you trying to keep a low profile, …
Auditable Supply
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Untraceable Yet Transparent

CloakCoin Invites You to Audit Our Monetary Supply
Transparency lies at the heart of the cryptocurrency industry. The disingenuous banking industry’s lack thereof is why the pseudo-anonymous Satoshi …
Privacy Coin
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Why Using a Privacy Coin Preserves Our Rights as Global Citizens

The World’s 7B+ Residents are Entitled to Privacy
Online privacy is becoming increasingly important in today’s interconnected global society. Data has surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable res…
Bitcoin Alternative
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Analisando porque a CloakCoin é uma alternativa destacada do Bitcoin

As razões subjacentes são mais profundas do que a diversificação de portfólio
Um equívoco comum que aflige nossa amada criptosfera é o suposto sigilo das transações de bitcoin. Entre outras características, a privacidade das t…