DownUnder The Cloak Volume 01, Issue 06

A special month filled with partnerships, alliances and United States.

I now know for sure, that I am living the life I always dreamed of. Surrounded by a team I call family, industry folk I call friends, and strangers who I feel like I’ve always known. Thank you to everyone who has made this such an incredible year so far.

NEM Australia & New Zealand Partnership

During NEM’s launch of the Blockchain Hub in Brisbane, Australia, I was very fortunate to present alongside key Australian thought leaders at the event. I spoke on the compounding challenges we face concerning personal data in the digital economy.

Upon my return to Sydney, I continued discussions with NEM around CloakCoin’s abilities in protecting the privacy of individuals. We realised that future challenges around privacy are far reaching and widespread. For enterprise, privacy can cause compliance headaches, but for the individual, can be potentially life threatening.

What are enterprises full of? You guessed it. Individuals.

By partnering with NEM as an Ecosystem Member, we will start small by having regular discussions and sharing our expertise. We endorse NEM as our chosen provider for enterprise blockchain solutions, and NEM acknowledge CloakCoin for our abilities to protect the privacy of individuals.

APAC Blockchain Conference — CloakCoin & NEM

Speaking of collaborations between CloakCoin and NEM, we’ve discussed working together on events throughout Australia and New Zealand. But why stop there, when we could present to the entire Asia Pacific region?

I was delighted to hear from APAC Blockchain after Beau Stoner from Cryptocurrency Australia recommended they contact me. They’ve offered me the opportunity to facilitate their full day workshop at the APAC Blockchain Conference, taking place 26–28 March 2019.

I of course accepted their invitation and have invited NEM along to join me for this enterprise focused event. The 2018 conference attracted over 500 attendees from over 250 different companies.

Speakers included Robert Khan (co-inventor of the TCP/IP protocol), Da Hong Fei (Founder of NEO), Lord Meghnad Desai (Professor Emeritus, London School of Economics) and more. I can’t wait to see the official lineup of speakers for the 2019 event and am honoured to be playing an important role in this renowned event.

More than anything, I’m looking forward to working closely with NEM on the brainstorming of ideas and preparation of content for the workshop. It’s times like these that build strong business relationships.

Privacy Express Partnership

My Sydney based venture studio, Privacy Express, is proud to have officially partnered with CloakCoin to further galvanise my commitment to the project.

My business partner Matt Collis and I have been working hard on a suite of product concepts to aid in and support the mass adoption of privacy enhancing technologies such as the Enigma Payment System.

We released our manifesto entitled “The Next Tech Unicorns Won’t Exploit Personal Data; They’ll Have None.” It was incredibly well received and marks the commencement of our full fledged efforts in helping to accelerate the development of Privacy Technologies. #PriTech.

Soon after its release, we were very fortunate to be published on one the largest Medium publications globally, The Startup, to almost 400k subscribers.

World Crypto Con Las Vegas

For my very first time in the United States, I’m very proud to have been representing CloakCoin alongside some of the most respected figures in the crypto industry.

Not only was I stunned by the exuberance of Las Vegas, I was delighted to meet personal heroes and some of my favourite influencers. I tweeted up a storm so here’s some of my favourite moments.

Shoutout to everyone I met and had the pleasure of spending time with, for both business and pleasure. What a well run event filled with inspirational people and ideas. Thanks to Jason from Crypto Crow for the mention in your recap video too!

Special mentions to Franky Daigular, Christopher Wilson and Ranis Eizen. Really enjoyed getting to spend quality time with you legends.

Officially Invited To Speak At Anarchapulco 2019!

This month couldn’t have ended better. It’s official. I’ve been invited to speak at Anarchapulco, to share my thoughts on privacy and present CloakCoin!

This is a dream come true, especially as a long time follower of The Dollar Vigilante. I’m going to put my all into this, the Cryptopulco stage won’t know what hit it. Thank you for this amazing opportunity Jeff, and of course, your incredible team who make Anarchapulco a reality.

Anarchapulco | LIfe Unchained

Welcome to Anarchapulco, the world's premiere conference for Voluntaryist thinkers and activists held annually in Acapulco, Mexico.

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