Portuguese/Brazilian Coordinator Exslave joins the Cloak Family

Marketing Team

Dear Cloak Community,

We are happy to announce the joining of a very experienced team member to our Cloak Family. From now on Exslave will represent Cloak as the Portuguese and Brazilian Coordinator. Exslave has been involved in the crypto market for a long time now and is passionate about privacy coins since the beginning.

He is also one of the first Cloak supporters and involved since 2014.

Brazilian never miss a tech trend. They’re rarely ever out in front. But when they follow, they follow for real and stick with it. Within Latin America, look for Brazil to be the cryptocurrency ringleader both on the regulatory side and on the development side. As it now stands, more people are opening cryptocurrency trading accounts in Brazil than traditional brokerage accounts.

Exslave will help us to build up the Portuguese and Brazilian Cloak community and to establish new contacts & partnerships.

Furthermore, he will attend events and crypto exhibitions and also tries to increase the adoption and awareness of CloakCoin.

Peace & Love

Team Cloak

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