DownUnder The Cloak: Volume 01, Issue 01

A weekend of firsts for CloakCoin Australia.

As the Australian Coordinator for CloakCoin, it has been a busy few weeks. With so much to look forward to in the crypto space, I finally decided to resign from my full-time job as a field service engineer.

This has enabled me to commit the time needed to build CloakCoin’s presence ‘down under’ and educate the public on the importance of privacy. Each month I’ll be sharing my adventures in this series I’ve called DownUnder The Cloak. Think of it as a behind the scenes sneak peek.

The Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair — Sydney

The first opportunity to announce my new position with Cloak arrived in the form of The Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair. Initially I contacted the Australian Business Forum to arrange attending the event as an exhibitor.

After a really engaging conversation with the event organisers about CloakCoin and HODLcast, I decided to ponder our options as exhibitors overnight.

Due to the fact that I am the only Cloak team member currently based in Australia, I ultimately decided to participate as a visitor. This would allow me the flexibility to move around the event speaking freely with potential investors, exchanges, the general public and other blockchain vendors.

Free coffee from CoinSpot to start the day right (calm the nerves)

An unexpected opportunity to take the stage

I contacted the booking agent for the event with my decision and also questioned whether there were any last minute spaces to fill. Perhaps in the forum, either for a presentation or panel discussion.

Free coffee from CoinSpot to start the day right (calm the nerves) I was delighted to find out after speaking to a few of the event staff that they were in fact needing host for the Forum to introduce guest speakers and moderate panel discussions.

I of course, jumped at the chance despite being completely unprepared.

Day 1 of the event had arrived and I made my way to the Sydney Showground, 45 minutes early for a briefing on the day’s events.As visitors started to arrive, I completely surprised myself. Everything just flowed.

When you are so deeply passionate about something, you tend to land on your feet when you get the opportunity to share it with the world. Or in this case the attendees of the Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair at the Sydney Showground.

It’s early days, but the community is thriving down here

I met some incredibly smart, well versed, accomplished and inspiring people. Appearing on behalf of CloakCoin was an honour and I truly felt at ease representing a project that aligns so well with my ideologies and hopes for the future. Better still, I felt so privileged to be serving the Cloak community who I now consider family.

Spent time with Alex Saunders, one of my favourite YouTubers in the world of cryptocurrency. He’s the founder and CEO of Nugget’s News and is such a wealth of knowledge. He’s incredibly humble and an eloquent communicator. Stoked to have made another mate in crypto.

Met the team from CoinSpot, one of Australia’s best known places to buy cryptocurrency. They make everything so easy and enable their users to purchase a wide range of coins and tokens using fiat.

I look forward to discussing CloakCoin with them further and exploring the possibility of listing on their exchange.

What a champ! Absolute pleasure meeting Daniel Dabek of SAFEX (all the way from Serbia)

Shared the stage with Daniel Dabek the CEO of Balkaneum and Chief Architect of Safex. He is such a talented young man who has such a deep understanding of blockchain and its applications. We had really engaging conversations on stage and the open discussions with the audience went well over schedule (talk about engagement). Flying in all the way from Belgrade, Serbia, it was a pleasure hosting Dan and I’m glad to say I’ve made a new friend.

Parliament House in Canberra, Australia’s capital

Had an insightful conversation on stage with Bradley Brown from the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre. AUSTRAC is an Australian government financial intelligence agency set up to monitor financial transactions to identify money laundering, organised crime, tax evasion, welfare fraud and terrorism. It just so happens that we discussed the many legitimate use cases for privacy coins at the same time as news was breaking about the Australian Government’s decision to make all cash transactions over $10,000AUD illegal

Right when I thought the weekend couldn’t have gone better, I was delighted to receive an invitation I definitely didn’t expect. The Australian Business Forum were really happy with my efforts for the weekend.

I’m hosting The Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair — Melbourne

I was invited by the Australian Business Forum to host the Melbourne event on the 16th and 17th of June. I said yes (obviously) and look forward to an even better opportunity to represent CloakCoin. I’ll have time to be far more prepared with Cloak promotional gear, business cards and a few more shows under my belt for HODLcast

Hosting a panel discussion and of course getting inmy two cents worth ;-)

I’m over the moon about how everything has kicked off here in Australia. Not only am I lucky enough to call the beautiful Sydney my home, but I’m at the forefront of an unfolding movement that Australia really getting behind. We have an innovative and progressive government, expanding resources and some of the greatest minds solving huge problems.

All the excitement aside, the thing that really resonated with me throughout the event, was the recurring topic of privacy and how well I was able to contribute to the discussions. Privacy coins are such an important part of the crypto ecosystem and CloakCoin certainly captivates the interest of everyone I talk to.

Exciting times ahead, so pproud to be a part of the CloackCoin team and the burgeoning blockchain market in Australia. See you at the next Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair in Melbourne fellow cryptomaniacs!

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