ShiBob's Monthly Update: March 2019

Shi Bob

Dear Cloak Community!

Last month, We did several activities to promote CLOAK in the Crypto Vietnam Community, and we registered for The 4th Global Chain – 2019 Vietnam Blockchain Day, which will be hold in Hanoi, with more than 1000 people attending.

I would like to summarize what I did in March:

  • The first meeting with local key opinion leaders, we talked about the future of Blockchain in Vietnam, and also the regulations of concern in Vietnam.
  • Translate and update Cloak’s blogs and news to community.
  • Introduced CloakCoin to CoinAll exchange.
  • We did some small Twitter and Telegram group events to promote and educate people more about CLOAK.
  • We met at a café and had lunch together on 29th March to discuss about how to prepare for CLOAK to attend The 4th Global Chain event in Hanoi.

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ShiBob89- Vietnamese Coordinator

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