Status Report of the Security Audit by Cognosec

Development Team

Dear CLOAK Community,

We would like to keep you updated about Cognosec's audit report which finally has been delivered today.

First of all we're proud to say that we worked very closely with Cognosec

The professional audit was a very good decision and it clearly shows Cloak as a real crypto currency and should be recognized as such from the Bitcoin community.

The audit has been beneficial to Cloak goals. Their analysis comes to the conclusion that Cloak’s “basic mechanisms are quite robust from an application security perspective, but the implementation of Enigma should be reviewed and improved.” This is precisely what we hoped for from the audit. Stepping through the issues found in the audit, 40% have already been corrected and implemented.

What comes next?

We will update the public Github with all information and code fixes during this weekend.

We will also provide the audit report with a full statement from our developers on monday.

Then we're ready to start the preparation of our live wallet release coming in the near future.

Peace & Love

Team Cloak

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