Ryomin's Monthly Update: August 2018


Hello everyone,

I'm Ryomin, the Italian coordinator for Cloakcoin. First of all, I would like to share the enthusiasm shown by the other coordinators, it is very interesting to perceive the air of collaboration and new ideas from within the team and then see the potentialities concretized outside.

Cloakcoin is developing an inclusive approach to the community, with a direct dialogue aimed at improving the project itself. It would be nice to be able to also develop the same concepts at the local level.

My latest work has been characterized by the desire to expand the world of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and, more specifically, enthusiasts of Cloakcoin. In the last month, I have completed almost all of the following planned activities:

  • Translation of all information on the website into Italian. The Whitepaper had already been translated before, you can find it on the website.
  • Creation of a list of various businesses in the Italian territory for the acceptance of Cloak as a payment method and communication with them
  • Compiled a list of conferences and similar events in which the Cloak team is evaluating the opportunity to participate (as a sponsor, speaker or participant)
  • Communication with various influencers, groups and specialized local and international pages to expand the fanbase and for hypothetical interviews of the Cloak team
  • Creation of Italian Telegram Group

    With respect

    Italian Coordinator Ryomin

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