Wallet / C++ Dev

Deepend is a gifted polymath engineer with over two decades of experience in software engineering, architecture and engineering management in the biotech industry. With a bachelor's Degree in mechanical engineering and a master's Degree in computer science, he successfully designed efficient, real-time software control systems for mass spectrometry, holographic ultrasound imaging, and servo / stepper motor controls amongs other things. He is a strong believer in blockchain technologies and is bringing his technical expertise to Cloak's mission.

Why is CloakCoin the best privacy coin?

“CloakCoin is the best technology for privacy since the seller, buyer, and transaction amount is unknown to everyone but the seller. CloakCoin has made great strides in protecting your right to privacy and freedom.”

Other team members

Gerna 벱쟂댜

Korean Ambassador

Shi Bob

Vietnamese Coordinator