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Dear Cloak Community,
We're very pleased to see the improved interest in the Cloak project and would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new members of the Cloak Community - Welcome! Smiley
Work on (the open source release) is progressing well. As some of you may be aware, the release also marks our switch Cloak to a new codebase based on the current Litecoin sourcecode. As well as brining the codebase up to date, this release also brings a wealth a new features such as support for HD wallets, transaction and address indexes, reduced upload traffic, direct headers announcement (BIP 130), memory pool limiting, wallet pruning, soft forks and many more new features and improvements. will also open the door to SegWit activation on Cloak and all the new features that brings to the table: lightning network, cross-chain transfers, confidential transaction etc. The build processes are also much improved with the new codebase, which we feel is important for the open source release. also contains a significant change to the Enigma system thanks to the introduction of Enigma Addresses. Enigma addresses are very similar to stealth addresses and allow Enigma senders and cloakers to automatically generate dynamic, one-time addresses for use with Enigma when sending and cloaking.
Work is also ongoing with the Raspberry Pi implementation and mobile wallet, so keep an eye out for updates to those in the near future.
Peace and Love,
Team Cloak

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How do i get a wallet and buy it?