Update 03.07.2017

by cashmen (comments: 4)

Dear Cloak Community,
We are hard at work on a new 2.0.3 wallet update for Cloak. This release covers the last major portion of work prior to open sourcing of the project and will introduce 'Enigma Addresses' to the Enigma payment system. Enigma addresses are essentially stealth addresses, that can be used by a payee to receive Cloak funds via Enigma. From 2.0.3 onwards, you will be able to send Enigma payments to both regular Cloak addresses and Enigma addresses. As part of the Enigma process, Cloakers will also use their own Enigma addresses to generate one-time payment addresses when Cloaking an Enigma transaction, so Enigma addresses will be automatically used by users 'cloaking' Enigma transactions. In future, sending Cloak to an Enigma address using Enigma will provide a significant privacy increase as all recipient addresses will effectively be 'cloaked'.
One added bonus of the introduction of Enigma addresses for cloaking is that 'cloaking' users will no longer need to regularly back-up their wallet.dat file as the new one-time addresses created from Enigma addresses during Cloaking can be automatically and securely recreated on-the-fly.
The 2.0.3 release also features some improvements to the route selection system when 'onion routing' traffic across the Enigma network. As usage of the Cloak network has increased over the past few weeks, we have identified a potential improvement that will act to counter instances where rogue network nodes refuse to relay onion data.

We estimate this to be the final 'big' release based on the current codebase as work is progressing well with porting the Cloak code to a modern, more stable and extensible codebase. The new wallet (new codebase) software is currently communicating well with the existing Cloak wallet and happily trading PoW (Proof of Work) blocks. We're currently in the process of migrating the PoS (Proof of Stake) system, which will be followed by the porting of Enigma and CloakShield to the new codebase. We will of course keep you updated with news as development continues. The updated codebase will also make life much easier for those integrating with Cloak. Our Block Explorer developer for one is chomping at the bit for the new code to be released.
As you may recall, we are aiming to have the Enigma and CloakShield code audited in the *existing* codebase as this is currently ready for inspection (or will be once 2.0.3 is publicly released). Any changes or recommendations for improvement to Enigma can then be implemented in both the old and new codebases or just the new codebase.
Work is also underway on the first iOS (iPhone/iPad etc.) version of the Cloak wallet.
We'll keep you updated with progress as development on this continues.
Peace and Love,
Team Cloak

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Comment by Jeffrey Connor |

Love it. Seeing potential of not just decentralized, nut ANONYMOUS transactions.

Should have bought after "Bill Still" interview!!!

Comment by Cryptogt |

Am I understanding this correctly...what are the implications of going from proof of stake to proof of work?

Comment by just someone |

Please provide more details about what appears to be a conversion from pos to pow. I had been investing heavily into cloak because I loved the idea of earning 6% apr pos mining with a raspberry pi. Is that going away now? Now miners will be using energy for heat instead of to improve privacy?

Comment by John cardwell |

Please hurry and finish the new update. Good Lord. This is gonna take it to Monero levels. Talk is cheap.