New Forum & Wallet Update

by CloakTeam (comments: 0)

Dear Cloak Community

We are pleased to announce our new forum and invite you to join and talk with us. We have chosen a fresh start with a well known system – Simple Machines Forum – which will be very familiar to you. A fresh start means a blank page in this case as there was no way of importing the old threads. Join us and let's share valuable information for the benefit of all of us in this community.
Also, just a quick note to say to please ensure your wallet is unlocked when sending with Enigma. Enigma sends differ from regular sends as they need to be signed by the sender at the end. Having your wallet either unlocked for minting or fully unlocked will both be fine. We'll add a prompt as the Enigma send completes for the next release. I expect a v2.0.1.2 [point release] to be released pretty soon to address this and a couple of other very minor issues.

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